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Hazardous Waste Disposal in Manchester

Hazardous waste is any solid or liquid waste that can cause harm to people or the environment if not disposed properly. It includes materials like asbestos, pesticides, chemicals, ammunition and fireworks. You can find companies for hazardous waste disposal in Manchester   to do your part in keeping the country clean – companies such as us here at Collect & Recycle.

Hazardous Waste around You

You are likely to have hazardous waste at home, in your garden or your garage without realizing it.

Household products include:



Drain Cleaners

Electrical Equipment

Fluorescent Light Tubes

Gas Cylinders

Household Batteries

Oven Cleaners


Stain Removers

Garden products include:





Weed Killers

Car garage products include:


Automotive batteries

Brake Fluid




Used Engine Oil

Treatment and Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Once you have arranged for your hazardous waste collection in the Manchester area, it can then be disposed of or recycled safely.  Some substances like asbestos require a licensed contractor to be done legally. Disposal of some hazardous waste can provide cash payments as it can be recycled to make new products.


Reduces carbon foot-print – Treatment of hazardous waste reduces greenhouse gas effects and the toxic level of the soil. The locality and the people in it can be saved from toxic mutation.

Conserves energy – Some materials in hazardous waste disposal can be recycled for further use. This saves natural resources which can be available for further use in the future.


Hazardous waste disposal poses many benefits, but it should be done carefully. Some waste is illegal to dispose of on your own, therefore consult with companies whom specialize in Manchester Hazardous waste disposal such as Collect & Recyle. We can help you out in treating your waste and in turn helping the environment.

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