Collect and Recycle

Recycling on the Radio!

Collect & Recycle are sending a big ‘thank you’ to their committed customers who have continued to recycle large amounts of baled cardboard. To show their appreciation, Collect & Recycle have been getting creative to demonstrate a more unusual approach to cardboard recycling

Enter the cardboard radio. These radios are made from 100% recycled cardboard and illustrate a quirky example of how we can begin to reuse redundant materials.

Each product only utilises a small amount of cardboard in comparison to the scale of virgin cardboard production created, but what is important is the radio symbolises the mass markets trend towards recycled goods and the desire for a closed-loop economy in the UK generally.

Cardboard and paper waste amounts to around 11 million tonnes a year in UK representing 32% of all household waste. Once used, cardboard can be baled up, transported to a paper mill and reduced to a pulp which is then de-inked and dried. The cardboard re-produced via this process from the wood pulp can be repeated up to 5 times before the fibres within the matter shorten and disintegrate. The viability of cardboard recycling is thus huge; every tonne of recycled cardboard saves 17 trees, 2 cubic metres of landfill space and 4100KW hours of electricity, this is roughly equivalent to 20,000 cups of tea!

Collect and Recycle offer an experienced, efficient and reliable cardboard recycling service at a national level, purchasing this Baled cardboard from merchants and sending it off to paper mills where it can be recycled instead of ending up at landfill. Cardboard recycling is just one of the waste management avenues Collect and Recycle are involved in and if needed, a machinery specialist can provide baling equipment to customers.

Collect and Recycle love to reward their customers and this radio provides not just a nice addition to the offices of these merchants but shows the gratitude they have for the difference this line of work can make to meet recycling targets in the UK.

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