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Understanding Computer Recycling in Birmingham

Computer recycling in Birmingham is quite simply recycling old, disposable, unusable and/or obsolete computer and/or computer hardware. From a technical standpoint, 23% of a computer is made of plastic, 50% of metals, 12% printed circuit boards and 15% glass. With almost 300,000 tonnes of computer waste piling up every year in the United States, it’s essential to recycle your computer waste. As such, here is a closer look at computer recycling in Birmingham.

What’s Recyclable?

The best thing about computer recycling in Birmingham is that you can recycle almost any part of a computer or anything associated with it. This includes printer cartridges, motherboards, hard drives, cables, power supplies, cases, monitors and even the internal fans and heatsinks. Each component can be recycled separately and their components reclaimed.

Who does Computer Recycling in Birmingham?

Companies such as Collect & Recycle take your old computer waste and recycle it for you. All you’re required to do is simply deliver your recyclable computer and/or computer parts to designated collection points. Companies such as ours will handle everything else including disassembling the collected parts.

When Should I perform Computer Recycling Birmingham?

While there is no fixed period of recycling, companies such as Collect & Recycle recommend recycling eligible computer parts at least once a year. For businesses, particularly those dealing in the purchase and sales of computer and computer parts, computer recycling in Birmingham once every 6 months is advisable.

For businesses, computer recycling forms an integral part of your corporate social responsibility. For the public, computer recycling is an essential part of keeping your country and planet clean. By recycling computers and computer parts, not only do you help keep your country beautiful, you help keep your environment clean and you help protect your fellow from e-waste.

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