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5 ways technology is providing a more sustainable future

5 Ways Technology Is Providing a More Sustainable Future

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Living more sustainability has now become a must in 2022 as the threat of climate change is more prominent than ever. Consumers are making changes in their lifestyle to live more sustainability and over half of consumers are now likely to purchase eco-friendly products wherever possible. Technology has no doubt made our lives easier and more efficient over the years and it is likely to play a huge role in helping people live in a more environmentally friendly way.

In this blog, we share 5 ways technology is helping to provide a more sustainable future for the world.

1) Alternative Energy

One of the big contributors to climate change is burning fossil fuels to provide energy to the world. Emerging technology has allowed alternative and renewable energy sources to develop including solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric energy. More and more businesses and even homes are adopting these forms of energy as they have become more efficient and affordable over the years. This is arguably one of the most important ways technology is providing a more sustainable future with many countries pledging to stop using fossil fuels altogether in the future. 

2) Sustainable Apps

There have been many apps released in recent years that help people and businesses track and reduce their carbon footprint and also promote a more sustainable lifestyle. A great example is Cogo, which allows you to track your real-time carbon footprint and suggests behavioral changes to reduce it. If you have an app idea that could help revolutionise sustainability in the future, you can hire an app development company like AppTailors to bring your idea to life. 

3) Recycling Technology 

Emerging technology has allowed recycling to become more energy-efficient and more effective, with far more materials being able to be recycled than what was previously possible. This is vital as it results in less waste going to landfills and ending up in the oceans but also results in fewer new materials having to be produced. One great example is chemical recycling, which turns all types of plastic back into the oil it was made from ready to be reused. 

4) Building and Construction 

Construction and buildings are essential to living however, contribute a huge amount of carbon emissions to the world each year. The construction industry is also only likely to grow in the future as the world’s population rise although there have been some major breakthroughs that make it more environmentally friendly. This includes using biodegradable materials, better insulation, using low emitting materials and installing smart appliances in new homes that are far more efficient. 

5) Electric vehicles 

Electric vehicles have been around for a while now. The problem was they were very overpriced and rather impractical. This has now changed with companies like Tesla making electric cars more accessible for everyone and many people are now looking to buy electric cars in 2022. 

What The Future Brings 

It’s vital that everyone does their bit to help tackle the climate crisis across the world although, with the help of technology, this can become a little bit easier. A great place to start would be using renewable energy where possible, purchasing an electric car for your next vehicle and tracking your personal carbon emission using an app. 

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