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We offer a secure and professional car battery recycling service nationwide. Book a collection with our car disposal service today.

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We collect and recycle a range of battery waste. Find out more on our battery recycling service here.

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We recycle EV batteries in bulk loads across the UK. Book a collection for your waste today.

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We collect large volumes of tyres and ensure they are recycled into new products.

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We specialise in recycling car bumpers for businesses nationwide.

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Recycling Car Batteries Nationwide

At Collect and Recycle we specialise in recycling car batteries, including EV batteries, for businesses across the UK. Our specialist drivers collect bulk loads of car battery materials, transporting the waste to licensed recycling centres. We offer a comprehensive, hassle-free recycling solution that not only ensures compliance with UK environmental regulations but also supports your business’s green initiatives. 

We have experience collecting old and unwanted batteries from businesses such as dealerships, service stations, workshops and more. Other automotive waste we also recycle includes tyres. Our specialised service is designed to cater specifically to UK businesses committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


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The Benefits Of Our Car Battery Disposal Service

Businesses can use our car battery disposal service, not only to dispose of this hazardous waste safely, but also to ensure recycling. By using our trusted service, our team can save raw materials during the extraction of resources for production. This in turn cuts your carbon footprint and minimises impact on the environment.

Recycling car batteries not only prevents hazardous materials from entering landfill sites but also reduces the need for raw materials in battery manufacturing. We ensure that vehicle batteries are safely recycled, enabling you to boost your green credentials and follow appropriate guidelines.

The lead, plastic, and sulfuric acid recovered can be used in numerous ways, contributing to a circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of both the automotive and recycling industries.

The Car Battery Recycling Process

Cars, whether petrol or diesel, often contain lead-acid batteries. The recycling process is quite thorough and ensures that the majority of the battery components are repurposed. The lead can be recycled indefinitely, with no loss in quality.

Here’s a basic overview of the recycling process and what the different parts of a car battery can be recycled into:

Battery Crushing

Upon arrival at the recycling centre, the batteries are usually broken apart in a hammer mill.


The broken pieces are then placed into a vat, where the heavy materials sink to the bottom while the plastic floats. At this point, the different materials are separated and processed individually.

Plastic Recycling

The plastic pieces are washed, dried, and then melted down to form plastic pellets, which can be used to manufacture new battery cases and other products.

Lead Recycling

The lead components (valuable metals) are cleaned and heated in smelters. The molten lead is then poured into ingot molds. After cooling, the ingots are removed and can be used in the production of new batteries.

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Thoroughly Impressed

We recently turned to Collect and Recycle for their car battery recycling service, and we were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and efficiency they displayed. As an auto service centre, we accumulate a significant number of used car batteries, and it's crucial for us to dispose of them responsibly.


Streamlined Service

Collect and Recycle's car battery recycling service is top-notch and truly aligns with our dealership's sustainability goals. The ease of scheduling, collection, and the recycling process itself was incredibly streamlined and hassle-free.


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If you are looking for car battery recycling services for large quantities of waste, get in touc with our team today. We can arrange both regular and ad-hoc collections, depending on your businesses requirements. We can dispose of a range of battery types including car batteries, EV batteries, lithium ion batteries (Li-ion), nickel metal hydride batteries and more. 


Auto Battery Recycling

How Should You Dispose Of A Used Vehicle Battery?

Disposing of a used vehicle battery should be done with care to avoid environmental harm and comply with legal requirements. The proper disposal of car batteries involves using a business that specialises in vehicle battery disposal. It’s important not to throw old car batteries in general waste or leave them in unapproved locations due to the toxic substances they contain.

When you choose to dispose of a car battery, ensure it is handled by professionals who can safely recycle the materials. Batteries are broken down in a controlled environment, and their materials, such as lead, plastic, and acid, are recycled for future use. By opting for professional disposal of car batteries, you contribute to environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

Where Can I Dispose Of Car Batteries?

To dispose of car batteries responsibly, you can use our service and have the waste transported to licensed treatment facilities. We can offer bulk collections, making it an excellent option for businesses that need to dispose of multiple batteries efficiently.

By choosing a reputable service for disposing of car batteries, you ensure that the toxic and valuable materials in the batteries are handled correctly, reducing environmental impact and supporting recycling efforts.