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Commercial IBC Recycling UK

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are used across various industries to store different materials, including hazardous and non hazardous waste. We offer a collection and recycling service for both IBC containers and materials that may be stored within, such as paint and solvents.

With the help of our team, you can have your IBC waste removed safely and efficiently from your premises. This collection can be organised on an ad-hoc or regular basis, depending on your requirements. We operate nationwide for businesses generating large volumes of waste.

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What Is Commonly Stored IBCs?

Both IBCs and reconditioned IBCs can be used to commercially store various materials, including:

Paint and solvents

Liquid wastes, such as oils

Chemical products

Agricultural waste


Adhesives or detergents

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Partnering with C&R for our IBC recycling has been a transformative experience for our company. Their efficient collection and recycling process have not only streamlined our operations but also significantly contributed to our sustainability goals.


Exceeded Expectations

Collect and Recycle's IBC recycling service has exceeded all our expectations. As a company committed to environmental sustainability, finding a recycling service that handles IBCs with such care has been crucial.


Leading the Way

We've been utilising Collect and Recycle's IBC recycling service for the past year, and the benefits have been remarkable. Their innovative approach to recycling has not only helped us manage our bulk containers more effectively but also significantly minimised our waste.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An IBC?

Efficient Storage and Transport

IBCs are designed to maximise space in storage and transport. Their uniform shape and size allow businesses to optimise warehouse space and reduce transportation costs.

Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials

IBCs are engineered to handle a wide range of materials, including liquids and solids, making them versatile for various industries.

Durability and Longevity

IBCs are designed to be durable and withstand harsh conditions. They can also be stacked to reduce storage space.

IBC Container Recycling

At Collect and Recycle, we can offer a waste removal service for both your containers and hazardous waste stored inside. Our waste management team specialises in recycling various hazardous materials, including paints, chemicals, oils, solvents and more. 

Whilst disposing of this waste, we are also able to recycle hazardous containers such as IBC. These are often made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that can be recycled into a range of products, including plastic lumber, garden furniture, bins, fencing and more. Other materials used for rigid IBCs include metals like aluminium or iron, and a protective layer of zinc covering either iron or steel.

IBC disposal
IBC waste recycling


The Advantages Of Recycling Hazardous Waste

Recycling IBCs and hazardous materials significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with waste disposal. Traditional disposal methods for hazardous materials can lead to soil contamination, water pollution, and air quality degradation. 

By recycling, businesses prevent harmful substances from entering and damaging ecosystems. Moreover, recycling IBCs minimises the demand for new raw materials, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Proper recycling of IBCs and hazardous materials ensures compliance with environmental regulations and standards. Recycling services specialising in hazardous materials are equipped to handle, treat, and repurpose these substances safely, mitigating risks.

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If you are looking to for an IBC disposal service, get in touch with our team today. We specialise in collecting bulk loads of waste materials from businesses across the UK. With the help of our team, you can not only dispose of hazardous waste safely, but also sustainably. As hazardous waste poses a threat to human health and the environment, you must partner with a professional waste company to ensure you are following environmental guidelines.

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