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Agricultural Waste Disposal Service

We provide waste disposal services for the agricultural sector across the UK. This includes fertiliser, food, canisters, aerosols, chemicals and more.

Agricultural Waste Disposal

Oil Disposal

We specialise in disposing of engine oil safely.

Paint Disposal

We can collect and recycle both paint and tins for your business.

Aerosol Disposal

Our aerosol can disposal service caters to bulk loads of this waste across the UK.

Chemical Disposal

We specialise in handling a range of chemical waste safely for the agriculture sector.


We collect and recycle fertilizer bags for farms nationwide. These are usually made from plastic and cloth materials.

Pesticide Disposal

Our team collects and disposes of pesticide waste for farms following the regulatory guidelines set.

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Farm Waste Disposal UK

We specialise in collecting and recycling a range of agricultural waste for farms across the UK. This enables farms to manage their waste safely, whilst ensuring minimal harm to the environment. As we recycle all the waste we collect where possible, you can have peace of mind that you are utilising environmentally friendly methods. 

Many waste items found on farms are classified as hazardous, such as pesticides, contaminated containers, spray cans, chemicals and more. This means they must be disposed of under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005) guidelines. Our professional business ensures this, helping your agricultural business follow your duty of care to minimise environmental impact.


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The Recycling of Agricultural Waste

Recycling agricultural waste is essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and further harm to the environment. Whether you produce farm plastic and packaging, hazardous waste, chemicals or crop residues, all of this waste can be recycled or repurposed.

Anaerobic digestion in agricultural waste management is a process that breaks down organic materials in the absence of oxygen. It’s a biological process that is used to manage and treat organic waste materials, primarily from agricultural sources.

The Importance of Recycling Agricultural Waste

Recycling agricultural waste is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to environmental sustainability, economic efficiency, and the conservation of natural resources. 

Conservation of Resources

Recycling agricultural waste into products like animal feed optimises resource use. Instead of discarding surplus crops, damaged produce, or by-products, they can be processed into feed, reducing the need for new agricultural output and conserving resources.

Protection of Water Sources

Agricultural waste, if not properly managed, can contaminate water bodies with chemicals, pathogens, and organic matter. Recycling waste through proper disposal methods can prevent this contamination. Manure, for example, can be composted and used as a fertiliser, reducing the risk of runoff into water sources. Whilst plastic packaging can be recycled into a range of products.

Reducing Environmental Impact

By recycling waste, agriculture can significantly cut down its environmental footprint. Practices like the triple rinse method, crucial in recycling pesticide containers, ensure that harmful residues do not contaminate the environment.


How To Dispose Of Pesticide Waste

Disposing of pesticide waste responsibly is crucial to prevent environmental contamination, protect wildlife, and safeguard human health. Pesticide waste can include leftover pesticides, containers, contaminated equipment, or even soil and water. Proper disposal methods vary depending on the type and amount of waste.

For large quantities of pesticide waste, such as from commercial agricultural operations, our team can help with a professional waste disposal service. This service can handle a wide range of hazardous waste materials and ensure that they are disposed of in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

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