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At Collect & Recycle, we provide fully compliant, professional waste chemical disposal services. Book your collection today.

How To Dispose Of Chemicals In The UK

Chemical Disposal Service Nationwide

Collect and Recycle offers a chemical waste collection service for businesses and organisations all over the UK. Our fully trained team has extensive experience in disposing of all kinds of chemical waste. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable and safe waste treatment service, get in touch today.

Our team provides national coverage with total compliance and traceability. This is particularly important for hazardous waste which comes with unique guidelines due to its regulations. Offering safe disposal of chemicals, we help both schools and businesses manage waste professionally.

As well as chemicals, such as liquid waste, we specialise in chemical container disposal. This may include waste bins for waste storage, and contaminated equipment. We can also supply you with chemical waste disposal containers such as COSHH bins. This makes disposing of hazardous waste secure and safe. Please find a few examples of sectors we work with below.

Chemical waste disposal

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What Chemical Waste
Do We Collect?

If you are looking for experienced chemical disposal companies, you have come to the right place. Our professional team collects chemical waste across the UK, transporting items to licensed treatment facilities. At these locations, chemical recycling technologies are utilised to dispose of your waste with minimal impact on the planet.

Our chemical hazardous waste collection services cover a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial products. This may include liquids, solvents, contaminated containers and more. 

Examples of hazardous waste we collect include:

Chemical Recycling and Disposal

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Get in touch with our team today by filling in the form. If you are looking for chemical waste disposal companies in the UK, we can offer an environmentally friendly solution to handling chemical waste.


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Outstanding Service

From the initial contact to the final chemical waste removal, our experience with Collect and Recycle has been outstanding. Their team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in handling complex waste streams with efficiency and compliance.


Very Professional

We recently switched to Collect and Recycle for our hazardous waste recycling needs and couldn't be happier. Their innovative approach to recycling and waste reduction has significantly improved our sustainability metrics.


Great Service!

Collect and Recycles service has transformed the way we manage waste. Their comprehensive service covers everything from chemical storage removal to recycling, ensuring that all hazardous materials are disposed of following regulatory standards.

Our Process To Dispose Of Chemical Waste

We provide a safe and effective chemical waste disposal service to businesses.

Step 1

Contact our specialist team to discuss the type of chemical waste, quantities and your location for us to send over your quote.

Step 2

We will arrange a collection day that suits your business needs. The driver will issue a hazardous waste consignment note upon collection to meet the waste duty of care requirements. Once the waste arrives at the treatment facility, the completion of Part E on the HWCN will shortly follow.

Step 3

The chemical waste collected will be transported to a licensed waste treatment facility for safe disposal.

Specialist Chemical Disposal Service

Please complete our enquiry form or use the online chat to book a collection for chemical waste. We also collect other waste streams such as cardboard, paper, electronics and various hazardous items. Let our team know when contacting if you need help recycling other waste materials at your business.

Over the years, we have streamlined our waste removal systems and processes to create a seamless, cost-effective service. We have a verified haulage network, waste transfer stations and treatment sites. All our hazardous collectors are ADR trained, transporting materials to authorised disposal and treatment facilities. 

School Laboratory Chemical Waste Case Study

One of our customers, an educational institution, required assistance managing their laboratory waste. This included hazardous chemicals such as copper sulfate and a contaminated container.


Frequently Asked Questions For Chemical Disposal UK

Do You Provide Chemical Drum Disposal?

Yes, we provide chemical drum disposal services. Our team is equipped to handle and dispose of chemical drums safely, adhering to environmental protection standards. We ensure that all chemical waste is managed responsibly to safeguard health and the environment. Whether you use contaminated containers or chemical disposal bins, we can collect and recycle the waste.

What Are The Different Types Of Hazardous Waste Chemicals?

Hazardous waste chemicals can vary widely and include several types, such as corrosives, flammables, oxidisers, and toxic substances. Each type of waste requires specific storage and disposal methods to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

Do You Provide Chemical Waste Disposal For Schools?

Yes, we offer chemical waste disposal services for educational institutions, including schools. Our services encompass the disposal of chemical waste in laboratories, ensuring that all procedures are conducted in accordance with health and safety regulations. Chemical waste disposal in laboratories should be handled with care and transparency, ensuring no harm to the environment or human health. Our lab chemical disposal company is here to collect your hazardous chemicals safely.

How Should You Dispose Of Chemicals?

Proper chemical disposal is crucial for safety and environmental health. Chemicals should be disposed of in designated chemical disposal containers or bins. Always follow local authority guidelines and use a professional chemical disposal service to ensure compliance and safety. 

Examples Of Chemical Waste Services We Offer

Laboratory Waste Disposal

We specialise in laboratory waste disposal, including both chemicals and equipment.

Acetone Waste Disposal

We specialise in disposing of acetone waste safely and securely.

Benzene Disposal

We provide professional hazardous waste disposal services for benzene.

Chlorine Disposal

We dispose of chlorine waste for labs and various businesses across the UK.

Ethanol Waste Disposal

We can collect and dispose of ethanol waste nationwide.

Mercury Waste Disposal

We provide professional and safe mercury waste disposal services for businesses.

Isopropanol Waste Disposal

Isopropanol, commonly known as isopropyl alcohol, is a widely used solvent in laboratory settings.

Methanol Waste Disposal

We specialise in collecting and disposing of methanol waste in labs nationwide.

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