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We supply baling wire to assist businesses with securing their cardboard bales. Order your wire with us today.

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Cardboard Baler Wire For Sale

As well as offering cardboard waste balers and compactors for hire and sale, we also sell an essential accessory for your recycling equipment – high-quality baling wire. Our baling wire is designed to securely tie the bales produced by our range of waste balers, ensuring safe and efficient handling and transportation of your cardboard waste.

Our baling wire range includes galvanized wire, black annealed wire, and other types of baling wire, all known for their strength and durability. These materials ensure that the bales remain tightly bound, preventing any spillage or accidents during handling.

We offer a variety of bale wires to suit different needs. Whether you are using a mill size baler or a smaller baling machine, we have the right size and type of wire to match your equipment’s requirements.

What Is Baling Wire Used For?

Baling wire is used to tie and secure bales of recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper. This ensures they maintain their shape and integrity during storage and transportation.

Our range of baling wires is suitable for different types of balers, including vertical and horizontal models. Whether you are baling small loop bale ties or large mill size bales, our baling wire is designed to meet your needs.

For businesses that deal with high volumes of waste, our heavy-duty baling wire options, like cut and loop bale ties, are ideal for ensuring that large bales are securely bound and easy to handle.


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Ordering your baling wire from Collect & Recycle is easy and convenient. Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements, and we will help you select the right type of wire for your baling machine.

We offer various delivery options to ensure that you receive your baling wire swiftly. This minimised any disruptions to your waste management processes.`

As a trusted provider in the waste management industry, Collect & Recycle is committed to offering only the highest quality products. Our baling wire is reliable and trusted by businesses across various sectors.

You can get in touch today to purchase your cardboard baler wire by filling in the form above. We are dedicated to providing you with the best equipment, helping you manage your waste efficiently and effectively.