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Liquid Waste Removal and Disposal For Businesses

Collect and Recycle specialise in disposing of hazardous liquid waste safely and securely. Book a collection with us today.

Liquid Chemical Waste Disposal Services

IBC Disposal

We collect and recycle IBC containers, along with their waste contents.

Oil Disposal

Collect and Recycle offers an oil waste collection service for businesses all over the UK.

Chemical Disposal

We dispose of a range of chemicals for businesses. This ensures safe and secure disposal.

Paint Disposal

With our hazardous waste disposal service, we offer flexible collections to help you deal with leftover paint with minimal hassle.

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Professional Liquid Waste Disposal For Businesses

At Collect & Recycle, we specialise in liquid waste disposal services for businesses across various industries. Our expertise in handling bulk hazardous waste sets us apart as a leading liquid waste management company. 

We understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and are committed to providing efficient, safe, and compliant solutions. This is for all types of liquid waste streams, including hazardous chemicals.

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Liquid Waste Management Quote

Get in touch with our team today by filling in the form. One of us will get back to you shortly with more information and provide you with a quote. We can then arrange a recycling collection that suits your business.

Why Choose Us For Your Liquid Waste Removal?

Disposing of liquid waste is essential due to its often hazardous nature. When using our liquid waste business, there are a range of benefits:

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Our Clients


Unmatched Service

The efficiency with which they handled our complex liquid waste was impressive, ensuring that all waste was removed safely and in compliance with all environmental regulations. Their attention to detail significantly minimised the disruption to our operations, allowing us to continue without any setbacks.


Exceeded Expectations

We deal with a variety of hazardous liquid wastes that require careful handling and disposal. Collect and Recycle not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their team was highly knowledgeable about the specific requirements for disposing of hazardous liquids, ensuring that every aspect of the removal process was handled with the utmost care.

The Liquid Waste Recycling Process


We will first assess the types of liquid waste you need to dispose of. When filling out our form, please provide details of your liquid items.


Once we have received information regarding the type and quantity of waste, we will be in touch regarding a collection day for your materials.

Consignment Note

For tracking and compliance, every collection of liquid waste is accompanied by a consignment note detailing the waste types, quantities, and destination.

Transport & Disposal

Our team of experts, equipped with the necessary health and safety training, will collect and transport your waste to appropriate recycling or disposal facilities.

Book A Collection For Your Liquid Waste

If you are looking for a professional team to dispose of chemical waste and liquids, get in touch today. We provide waste management services for commercial waste nationwide. Our team also provides services for educational establishments such as schools looking to dispose of various types of waste from labs. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you shortly providing a quote.

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