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Medical Waste Disposal Service

We specialise in medical waste management in hospitals, GPs, private hospitals and various healthcare facilities.

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste encompasses expired, unused, or contaminated medications and vaccines.

Contaminated Packaging

Contaminated packaging from medical supplies or medications poses a risk if not handled properly.

Air Conditioning Units

Our disposal service for air conditioning units adheres to strict environmental standards.

Medical Equipment

Whether it's diagnostic devices, treatments, containers, or other types of medical machinery, we offer a disposal service.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste in healthcare settings, including certain chemicals, biological materials, and substances that are flammable, reactive, or toxic, requires meticulous handling and disposal.

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Our Medical Waste Management Services

We provide specialist medical waste disposal and recycling service for organisations across the UK. This includes hospitals, local clinics, dentists, GPs and other private establishments. Whether you need help disposing of pharmaceutical waste, contaminated packaging, or various equipment, we are here to help.

Our team can collect waste from across the UK, ensuring waste guidelines are met and materials are recycled or properly disposed of. This minimises your impact on the environment and pushes sustainability for your medical facility.


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Medical Waste Disposal and Recycling

At Collect and Recycle, we offer a specialised medical waste disposal service, tailored to meet the needs of various healthcare settings. Understanding the critical nature of medical waste, we ensure that every aspect of our service aligns with the highest standards of safety, compliance, and environmental sustainability.

We Provide Medical Waste Bins

To facilitate the proper segregation and disposal of medical waste, we provide an array of medical waste bins, including sharps bins, clinical waste bins, and medication waste containers. These bins are designed to handle different types of waste safely, from pharmaceutical waste to infectious waste and offensive waste. Our clinical waste strategy emphasises distinctively marked containers for hazardous and clinical waste, ensuring that waste segregation is intuitive and effective.


Our clinical waste bins are essential for the safe containment of clinical waste, including infectious waste, and other potentially hazardous materials. These containers are engineered to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that clinical waste is stored securely before collection.


Pharmaceutical waste requires special attention due to its environmental impact and potential for misuse. Our medication waste containers are designed for the disposal of expired or unused medicines, ensuring they are segregated from other waste types and processed appropriately.

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We offer flexible waste collection plans, tailored to the volume and types of waste your medical facility generates. Our cost-effective waste management solutions ensure that your medical waste disposal is not only compliant with all regulatory requirements but also aligned with your financial and environmental objectives.

Our waste collection services encompass all types of medical waste, ensuring that everything from offensive waste to hazardous waste is collected efficiently and treated with the utmost care. 

By partnering with Collect and Recycle for your medical waste disposal needs, you benefit from a comprehensive service that prioritises safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility. Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare facilities with reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound waste management solutions.

Contact us today to book your medical waste collection and discover how we can assist you in achieving excellence in medical waste management. Simply fill out the form on this page providing information on your waste types and our team will be in touch shortly.