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Solar Panel Recycling For Businesses

We specialise in recycling solar panels for businesses across the UK. Book a collection for your waste today.

The Recycling Process For Different Types Of Solar Panels

Silicon-Based Solar Panel Recycling

Silicon-based solar panel recycling begins with manual disassembly to remove the aluminium frames and junction boxes. The aluminium frame is 100% reusable. The panels will undergo thermal processing to separate glass from encapsulating plastics.

Thin-Film Solar Panel Recycling

Initially, the panels are shredded to break them down. This helps in separating the different layers and removes the lamination. To separate the solids and liquids, they are fed through a rotating screw.

The components are finally placed in chemicals to remove the film, and separated through vibration. The glass can then be reused, with the remaining materials dried, separated and processed.

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We Specialise In Recycling Solar Panels For Businesses

At Collect & Recycle, we are proud to introduce our specialised service in recycling solar panels for businesses. As a leading provider in waste management, we are now extending our expertise to the realm of renewable energy, particularly focusing on solar power photovoltaics (PV). 

Our solar panel recycling service is designed to support businesses in responsibly managing their end-of-life solar panels. This can then align with environmental goals and producer compliance schemes.

Whether you are a solar panel installer, manufacturer or construction business, we can help dispose of your solar energy waste safely. We can also collect a range of solar equipment including packaging, rack systems, inverters, cables, and transformers.

Preparing Solar Panels For Collection


Your PV panels must be unified when stacked on pallets. Please ensure the waste is secured and inline for a safe, efficient collection.


When securing your panels, use a strong strapping that is tied over the panels. This will hold them in place and eliminate the risk of panels falling during loading and transportation.


You should not stack more than 25-30 panels per pallet. This again ensures that your panels maintain their form for loading and removing the waste.

A sustainable approach to recycling solar panels

Apply the WEEE directive

Following waste prevention as the most preferred method in the waste management hierarchy, we apply the WEEE directive to discarded electrical waste. If your solar panels can be given a new lease of life, our team will focus on saving the panel and its materials for reuse before recycling.

This is the most environmentally-friendly solution as we can save raw materials in the production of new panels, whilst treating your waste sustainably. This is what sets us apart from other businesses, and allows us to create a circular approach to managing waste, minimising your carbon footprint.

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We recently engaged with C&R for their solar panel recycling service after upgrading our solar installation. The experience was nothing short of exceptional. Their team was highly professional, providing a seamless and efficient process from collection to recycling.


Incredible Service

Choosing Collect and Recycle for recycling our outdated solar panels was a decision that aligned perfectly with our company’s sustainability initiatives. Their service exceeded all our expectations, from the initial consultation to the final execution.


Friendly Team

Our experience with Collect and Recycle was outstanding. As a business that heavily invests in renewable energy, finding a responsible way to dispose of our old solar panels was crucial. They provided an incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly recycling service.

Recycle Solar Panels WITH US

Can Solar Panels Be Recycled In The UK?

Yes, solar panels can be recycled. The majority of a solar panel’s components, including silicon-based solar cells, aluminium frames, and glass, can be collected and recycled. This process not only conserves raw materials but also reduces the environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for disposing of decommissioned or damaged solar panels.


The Benefits Of Recycling Solar Panels

Recycling solar panel waste brings forth a multitude of benefits, pivotal not only for businesses but also for the broader environment and the renewable energy sector. One of the primary advantages is the conservation of raw materials. Solar panels contain valuable materials like silicon and aluminium, which can be reclaimed and reused in the manufacturing of new panels or other products. This process significantly reduces the need for extracting fresh raw materials, thereby conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental footprint associated with mining and processing.

Another crucial benefit is the reinforcement of the sustainability of solar power as a renewable energy source. By recycling old or damaged panels, we extend the life cycle of the materials used, thereby enhancing the overall eco-friendliness of solar power. This practice aligns with the global push towards sustainable energy solutions and helps in establishing a more circular economy in the renewable energy sector.

Efficient waste management is also a key advantage. As the adoption of solar power grows, so does the need to manage end-of-life panels. Recycling provides an environmentally responsible solution for handling this waste, preventing it from ending up in landfills and causing potential environmental harm. This aspect of recycling is especially crucial given the increasing focus on sustainable waste management practices across industries.

Book A Collection For Your Solar Panel Recycling

Ready to responsibly recycle your solar panels? Contact Collect & Recycle today to book a collection. Our team is equipped to handle various types of solar panels, ensuring that your solar panel recycling needs are met with professionalism and efficiency.

Simply fill out the form on this page or message us using our online chat to receive a quote. We will get back to you shortly to arrange an efficient collection of your recyclable materials. We also specialise in recycling various other waste types, including cardboard, paper and hazardous materials.


Frequently Asked Questions For The Disposal Of Solar Panels

What Is The Process Of Recycling Solar Panels?

The recycling process for solar panels involves several steps. Firstly, the aluminium frames are removed. The panels undergo thermal processing to separate the glass and silicon cells. The materials are then processed further to extract valuable raw materials like silicon, which can be reused in new solar cells.

How Much Does It Cost To Recycle Solar Panels?

The cost to recycle solar panels varies based on factors like the volume, type of solar panels, and logistics. We offer competitive pricing and work closely with businesses to provide cost-effective recycling solutions. Contact us for a tailored quote.

What Happens To Solar Panels After 25 Years?

After 25 years, the efficiency of solar panels typically decreases, although many panels remain functional beyond 30 years. Once they reach the end of their useful life, it’s crucial to recycle them to recover valuable materials and prevent environmental harm.

What Is The Scrap Value Of Solar Panels?

The scrap value of solar panels depends on the materials recovered, such as aluminium and silicon. While the value varies, the primary benefit of recycling is environmental conservation.

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