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We collect and recycle large volumes of cardboard waste for businesses nationwide. Get in touch to book your collection.

Related Cardboard Services

Cardboard Balers

We supply cardboard balers for hire to help businesses compact their waste.

Cardboard Compactors

Cardboard compacts enable businesses to reduce waste volumes and store materials.

Cardboard Baling Wire

We also supply cardboard baling wire to help secure your bales.

Confidential Waste

If you generate confidential waste such as private documents, we provide shredding services.

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Bulk recycling for your paper & cardboard waste Collection

Collect & Recycle is one of the UK’s leading paper and cardboard recycling collection companies, supplying waste packaging material back into manufacturing. Our strong links to domestic and overseas paper mills ensure the most sustainable waste management route for our customers recycled packaging.

We can help your business reduce waste so your recycled paper and cardboard boxes don’t build up and take valuable space. Our waste paper recycling & cardboard recycling service is used by businesses across the UK, creating efficient waste management for your business.

Our cardboard recycling company buys the following types of cardboard and paper grades:

Cardboard Bales

We collect cardboard bales for businesses at a minimum of 4 tonnes.

Paper Bales

Our team can collect paper bales from businesses generating large volumes.

Mixed Bales

We can also collect mixed bales of both cardboard and paper waste.

Redundant Stock

If you have inventory that is no longer needed, we are here to help.

Shredded Paper

We offer collections for shredded paper in bulk nationwide.

Newspaper and Magazines

Our team also offers collections for magazine and newspaper waste.

Hear From Our Clients


The Best Decision

Choosing Collect and Recycle for our paper and cardboard recycling needs was one of the best decisions we've made towards our environmental sustainability goals.


Exceptional Service

We've been using Collect and Recycle's cardboard recycling service for over a year now, and the difference it has made is remarkable. Their pick-up service is reliable and tailored to our business needs, ensuring that our recycling process is as efficient as possible.


A Huge Difference

Hiring a cardboard baler has made a huge difference to our recycling management. The baler has enabled us to reduce volumes, store waste easily and enhance the collection service.


Ethical And Reliable Paper And Cardboard Waste Collection For Your Company

Packaging waste totalling 11.5 million tonnes was produced in the UK in 2016 alone. Businesses need to be able to get rid of their waste whilst committing to eco-friendly practices. The good news is that there is a practical and cost-effective solution to handling your commercial waste through cardboard and paper recycling companies.

If your cardboard recycling bins are overflowing with a huge amount of waste, we can provide you with an environmentally friendly solution. Collect & Recycle can save space in your cardboard bins and remove the materials swiftly for repurposing.

cardboard bale recycling
Waste Paper Recycling & Cardboard Recycling


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Get in touch with our team today by filling in the form. One of us will get back to you shortly with more information and provide you with a quote. We can then arrange a recycling collection that suits your business.

Why Choose Collect and Recycle

Quality Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing a consistently reliable waste collection service. We work with a verified network of haulage partners to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

Total Compliance

All collections are compliant with environmental legislation to ensure your business has peace of mind when disposing of all types of waste. Every collection will have a full paperwork & audit trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Each waste type is processed at authorised treatment facilities to ensure the maximum possible recycling rates. Recycling reports are available to all our customers.


Shredded Paper
Recycling Service

We understand that shredded paper waste, often a byproduct of various business processes, can be challenging to manage. This may include office paper, confidential waste or other products.

Our paper shredding and recycling service is specifically tailored to handle these challenges, ensuring that your shredded paper is recycled. With a free paper recycling collection, we can clear the waste in a cost-effective manner.

By choosing our shredded paper recycling service, you’re not just disposing of waste; you’re actively participating in a greener future. Let Collect & Recycling help you turn your waste into valuable paper products. Our waste removal team can help businesses with overflowing paper recycling bins, and transport waste to a licenced recycling facility.

paper and cardboard recycling


Hassle-free Paper and Cardboard Recycling Collections

Collect and Recycle offers hassle-free cardboard recycling collections near you. We will then transport the waste to our safe recycling centres. We can do this because of our extensive and reliable haulage network.

We won’t limit you to only one type of cardboard bale either, as we can pick up a variety of grades. These include newspapers, magazines, paper bales, and mixed cardboard. We can even take away and recycle your plastic packing film. This is something that can make a massive difference to your business’s green credentials.

With our waste paper and cardboard recycling service, you can be sure that your waste will be effectively recycled and fed back into the manufacturing system. This results in less waste of energy and resources being used to create new materials. Along with less pollution on the environment and waste ending up in landfills.

One of the ways we can operate so effectively is because of our secure link with paper mills both in the UK and abroad. Additionally, our machinery specialists can even provide your business with cardboard baling equipment to flat pack your waste. Therefore making the whole storage and cardboard waste recycling process even easier and more convenient.

Book A Cardboard
Collection Near You

If you are looking for a reliable service for your cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard and any other packaging recycling, choose Collect and Recycle. We can also supply cardboard balers for hire to help businesses bale their materials. 

You can book a free paper and cardboard recycling collection with us. We will take the stress off your hands in managing your commercial waste and ensure a reliable cardboard recycling service. 

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