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At Collect and Recycle, we offer a bulk vape recycling service for businesses. Our waste collection solution provides a compliant route for the safe disposal of end-of-life vapes. The types of businesses we have experience collecting vape waste from include:

Our vape recycling service focuses on collecting and disposing of large volumes of vapes for businesses, rather than individuals. 

If you are looking to recycle small quantities of vapes, please find a local designated recycling bin or your local household waste recycling centre. You should not put disposal, single-use vapes or rechargeable vapes into a general waste bin.

The Environmental Impact of Vapes

The overall disposal of vapes as a whole is a challenge. These often contain a mix of plastics, metals, electronic components, and hazardous substances (like nicotine residues). 

Improper disposal of vapes and their components, such as throwing them in regular litter bins, can cause environmental pollution. These products can release harmful chemicals if not disposed of correctly. There’s also a risk of batteries causing fires in waste facilities if they’re damaged or improperly handled.

The individual components of vapes come with various unique challenges:

Rechargeable Vapes with a Single-Use Chamber: Vapes that are rechargeable but have a single-use chamber cannot be reused or refilled. This design results in a higher turnover of components, leading to more waste generation compared to fully reusable systems.

Built-In Batteries: Many vapes come with built-in lithium-ion batteries. These batteries pose environmental risks if not properly disposed of. 

Lithium-ion batteries can be hazardous and contribute to pollution if they end up in landfills. They require special recycling processes to safely extract and repurpose the valuable materials they contain, like lithium, cobalt, and nickel.

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We are passionate about providing sustainable, efficient and easily accessible recycling solutions for vapes. With the help of our vape recycling service, businesses can dispose of large volumes of vapes safely whilst ensuring they are recycled into new products. 

This allows us to mitigate the environmental impact of this waste whilst ensuring a safe disposal process. Book your collection today by getting in touch with our team.


Frequently Asked Questions For The Disposal Of Vapes

How Do You Dispose Of Vapes?

You can dispose of vapes safely by using our recycling service or designated vape recycling bins. Our service specialises in the recycling of bulk loads of vapes from businesses.

Can You Recycle Vapes?

Yes, you can recycle vapes using professional vape recycling services. At Collect and Recycle, we provide businesses with an efficient, safe recycling service for their vape waste.

Are Disposable Vapes Recyclable?

Yes! You can recycle disposable vapes. We can provide a collection service for large quantities of disposable vapes at a time that suits your business.