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Automotive Waste Disposal For Businesses

We collect and recycle a range of waste for businesses in the automotive sector. Get in touch to receive a quote today. 

Our Auto Disposal Services

We collect a range of car waste from businesses across the UK. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Paint Disposal

We can collect and recycle both paint and tins for your business.

Oil Disposal

We specialise in disposing of engine oil safely.

Tyre Disposal

We can collect tyres in bulk volumes from various automotive businesses.

Aerosol Disposal

Our aerosol can disposal service caters to bulk loads of this waste across the UK.

Car Bumpers

Car bumpers and other scrap metals can be recycled into a range of products.

Car Batteries

We can collect both car and EV batteries to be recycled.

Chemical Disposal

Car businesses produce a range of chemical waste that must be handled professionally.

Gas Canisters

We provide fully compliant, professional gas canister and cylinder recycling.

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Car Waste Disposal Services

At Collect and Recycle, we dispose of a range of automotive waste for businesses nationwide. Our professional team specialises in disposing off waste for the automotive sector, offering quick, safe collections. All of the waste we recycle, where possible, will be recycled into new products. This enables your business to act sustainably whilst disposing of waste securely.

Whilst there are many hazardous waste types generated by the automotive sector, we offer safe collections for this waste. Through our ADR drivers and professional team, you can ensure hazardous waste disposal guidelines are met and your waste is treated properly.


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What Automotive Businesses Do We Collect From?

We offer comprehensive automotive waste disposal Services, focusing on sustainability and compliance with waste regulations. Our expert services cater to all facets of automotive waste, ensuring that your waste disposal needs are met efficiently and responsibly.

Auto Manufacturing Plants

Our disposal service extends to auto manufacturing plants, where the volume and variety of waste are significant. From scrap metals to hazardous waste like paint and solvents, we ensure that all waste types are handled according to the highest environmental standards, contributing to effective waste recycling and the sustainability of the industry.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships encounter a range of automotive waste, including specific waste types like engine oil and car batteries. Our car waste collection service is designed to address these diverse needs, ensuring that all materials, including hazardous waste, are removed and disposed in line with strict waste regulations.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops produce various waste types, including waste oil, oil filters, and scrap car parts. Our services ensure that these materials are collected and directed to the appropriate recycling centre or authorised treatment facility (ATF), ensuring compliance with waste disposal regulations and supporting the recycling of materials like scrap metals and engine oil.

Scrap Yards

When scrapping your car, it's crucial to choose a service that adheres to environmental regulations. We specialise in recycling materials for scrap yards, ensuring that vehicle parts are treated responsibly. This means valuable materials are recovered and recycled, and hazardous substances are handled appropriately.

Car Wash Facilities

Car wash facilities generate unique waste types, including waste water and cleaning chemicals. Our waste collection services are designed to manage these efficiently, ensuring that hazardous waste is identified and treated accordingly, preventing environmental contamination.


Garage waste may include scraps, chemicals, containers and various hazardous materials. Our garage recycling service will ensure your waste is disposed of both safely and sustainably.

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Arranging your automotive waste collection is seamless with Collect and Recycle. Whether you need regular garage waste collections or a one-off service for manufacturing waste, our team is ready to assist. We ensure that your automotive waste, be it scrap metals or hazardous substances like oil filters and waste oil, is collected promptly and processed at the right recycling centre or disposal facility.

By choosing our waste disposal service, you’re not just getting rid of waste; you’re contributing to a cleaner environment and demonstrating your commitment to sustainable practices. Our expertise in handling various waste types, from engine oil to car batteries, ensures that your automotive waste is disposed of responsibly, aligning with the latest waste regulations and recycling standards.

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