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Cardboard Waste Balers and Compactors

At Collect & Recycle we supply cardboard compactors for hire and sale across the UK. We offer a wide range of compactor machines to suit the varied needs of businesses. Our products are designed to handle large volumes of cardboard and other waste materials, offering both environmental and economic benefits.

Our Cardboard Waste Compactors
For Sale & Hire

Our range of cardboard compactors is tailored to support UK businesses in managing their waste effectively. Whether you’re dealing with high volume cardboard waste or looking for a solution to compact cardboard bales, our compactors provide the efficiency and reliability you need.

CE2000 Static Compactor

The CE2000 Static Compactor is designed for businesses with larger waste disposal needs. This machine can handle large amounts of waste, including cardboard, with ease. It’s highly efficient, ensuring that large volumes of cardboard are compacted into mill size bales for easy handling and transportation.

CE3000 Static Compactor

For enterprises requiring an even more robust solution, the CE3000 Static Compactor is the ideal choice. This high-capacity machine is perfect for handling high volume waste streams, producing mill size bales that are easy to transport and recycle.

Bin Press

The Bin Press is a versatile and compact solution, suitable for businesses with limited space. It’s perfect for compressing smaller volumes of waste, including cardboard and paper, into neat bales, making waste management more efficient and cost-effective.

CE2000 Static Compactor

CE2000 Static Compactor

- Compaction force: 32 tonnes
- Loading aperture: 1500 x 1200mm
- Loading height: 1225mm
- Volume per hour: 142m3
- Charge box volume: 1.5m3
- Cycle time: 38 seconds
- Motor: 5.5kW
- Ram stroke: 736mm
- Blade penetration: 320mm
- Overall dimensions (H x W x L): 2400 x 2035 x 2710mm

CE3000 Cardboard Compactor

CE3000 Static Compactor

- Compaction force: 32 tonnes
- Loading aperture: 1500 x 1500mm
- Loading height: 1225mm
- Volume per hour: 190m3
- Charge box volume: 2.0m3
- Cycle time: 44 seconds
- Motor: 5.5kW
- Ram stroke: 736mm
- Blade penetration: 350mm
- Overall dimensions (H x W x L): 2400 x 2035 x 3335mm

Bin Press machine

Bin Press

- Press force: 3.5 tonnes
- Cycle time: 20 seconds
- Noise: 72 decibels
- Machine weight: 270kg
- Compaction ratio: 3:1
- Power supply (kW-V-Hz): 13amp 1.5kW-230V-50Hz
- Overall dimensions (H X W X D): 2120 x 950 x 1270mm
- Optional transportation height: 1650mm

Cardboard Compactors For Hire & Sale

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The Benefits Of Our Cardboard Compactor Machines

Our range of compactors are engineered to handle various bale weights and volumes. This ensures that we have the right solution for your business. By choosing our compactors, you not only save money on waste collection but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Our larger balers are particularly suited for businesses that produce large amounts of cardboard and need to create bales for efficient recycling. In addition to saving time and reducing waste collection costs, using our compactors helps in streamlining your waste management process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Order Your Cardboard Compactor Today

Contact Collect & Recycle today to find the perfect cardboard compactor for your business needs. Whether it’s for hire or purchase, our team of experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable machine to manage your waste effectively and economically.

We also have a range of cardboard balers available, including vertical balers and mill size balers, that may suit your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

Can I Hire A Cardboard Compactor?

Yes! At Collect & Recycle, we provide various cardboard waste compactors for hire and sale. Get in touch to find out more on our range of machinery.

What Is The Compaction Ratio?

The compaction ratio varies depending on the type of machine. For example, the bin press provides a compaction ratio of 3:1.

How Much Is A Cardboard Compactor?

A waste compactor varies in price depending on the type of machine. We provide businesses with compactors for rent or purchase to suit all budgets.

Do Your Provide Consumables?

We also offer baling wire to assist with securing your cardboard bales. Please place an order by contacting our team.