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Secure Destruction For UK Businesses

We provide secure destruction services nationwide to ensure your businesses privacy is safe.

Secure Destruction Services

Textile Recycling

We specialise in recycling textile items such as uniforms, fabrics and more.

Hard Drive Destruction

Our hard drive destruction service ensures your private information is safe.

Confidential Recycling

Our confidential recycling service provides secure paper shredding for documents.

IT Equipment

We can dispose of various IT equipment safely, such as laptops and computers.

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Secure destruction Service Across the UK

Collect & Recycle provides secure destruction services for businesses nationwide. This includes the secure disposal of IT equipment such as storage devices, confidential document shredding and disposing of branded stock. Our team specialises in secure WEEE recycling along with confidential waste disposal to ensure your business’s privacy is safe.

We also understand the importance of product destruction, such as labelled clothing and other items. Our team can ensure these unwanted products are fully destroyed safely and securely.

Confidential Documents

Keeping confidential information safe is critical for your business's reputation.


Whether you have branded clothing or uniform, we can securely destroy your waste.


We can also collect and recycle branded sunglasses for your business.

IT Equipment

We can destroy various IT equipment including laptops, computers and hard drives.


We can securely destroy various textile products such as unwanted stock.

Newspaper and Magazines

Our team can destroy branded magazines, newspapers or other paper waste.

Secure Product Destruction Service

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Secure Document Destruction

A secure document destruction service involves the safe collection and destruction of sensitive documents. With our confidential shredding service, all of your sensitive documents are loaded into fully tamper-proof shredding containers. We ensure that your documents are 100% destroyed, and from here we recycle the waste.

Collect & Recycle can help your business keep private information safe, all whilst helping the planet along the way. We can offer you competitive prices and expert knowledge with our secure shredding services. The shredded paper can then be repurposed into new products and introduced back into the market.

The Benefits of Secure Document Destruction

Prevents Risk of Identity Theft

If personal documents are improperly disposed of, scammers may find customer info which allows them to commit identity theft.

Offers Employees Protection

Document destruction can also protect the data of your current and previous employees.

Comply With GDPR

Businesses risk breaking the law if they do not adequately comply with GDPR. The GDPR guidelines outline the proper use of data, including document destruction.

Environmentally Friendly

At Collect & Recycle, we use environmentally friendly practices for every one of our services.

Off-Site Shredding

We’ll collect your documents and provide secure off-site shredding services. Off-site shredding is perfect for companies who lack space (to store shredding volumes).

Certificate of Destruction

Collect and Recycle provides a ‘Certificate Of Destruction’, serving as proof that your documents were properly destroyed. Certain legal situations may require you to present this.

Our Secure Destruction Service

With Collect & Recycle, secure shredding couldn’t be simpler. We will dispose of your confidential waste in four simple steps.


Fill out the form to provide your secure destruction needs, including the waste materials and quantities.


Once we have received information regarding the type and quantity of waste, we will be in touch with a quotation and collection day.


Our expert team will arrive to collect your confidential waste, and take it away for destruction. Expect a fast and convenient experience, with minimal downtime or disruption.

Certificate of Destruction

You will then receive your Certificate Of Destruction and relevant documents providing information on your waste.

What Is Secure Data Destruction?

Data destruction is a disposal process of destroying the data stored on an electronic device. Once the drive shredding procedure is complete, the confidential data is completely irretrievable. Secure hard drive destruction is different from deleting files. When you delete a file, the information still exists on the hard drive of the device.

When you destroy a hard drive and data using our destruction process, you can have peace of mind that your storage, media, or other contents are completely destroyed. We also operate a WEEE recycling service including laptop, TV, printer and computer recycling.


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