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Battery Recycling For UK Businesses

We offer battery recycling services for large volumes from businesses. Our specialist hazardous waste removal service ensures safe disposal of waste.

Our Battery Recycling Services

Car Battery Recycling

We recycle car batteries for businesses nationwide.

EV Battery Recycling

We specialise in recycling electric vehicle batteries.

Dry Cell Battery Recycling

Our team also collects and recycles dry cell batteries in bulk loads.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Recycling

We collect and recycle NiMH battery waste nationwide.

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Battery Recycling UK

If your business is looking for a bulk battery recycling collection, get in touch with our team. We specialise in the waste disposal of batteries and can handle this hazardous waste safely. The batteries collected by our waste management team will be recycled allowing minimal impact on the planet. This may include car batteries including from electric vehicles, laptop batteries, portable batteries or other electronics.

Please note, we do not provide services for household waste recycling. Please find your nearest recycling or collection point to dispose of household batteries effectively.



Battery Recycling Across The UK

Get in touch with our team today by filling in the form. One of us will get back to you shortly with more information and provide you with a quote. We can then arrange a recycling collection that suits your business.


Our Battery Recycling service

Collect & Recycle provides businesses with a dependable battery recycling process. We’ll provide battery containers, and collect your batteries from your premises. We then take your battery waste to our recycling centres. So exactly how is each chemistry type of battery recycled?

Recycling Lead Acid Batteries: These batteries are broken down with the use of a hammer mill. The broken parts are put into a vat to separate the components of lead, acid and plastic.

Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries: These are broken down using a mechanical process, the end result includes separate lithium, aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

Recycling Alkaline Batteries: A mechanical separation procedure is used to separate alkaline batteries. The result is separate components including zinc, brass fractions, steel and paper.

What are the benefits of battery recycling?


Businesses that produce or use large quantities of battery products are required by law to recycle. This will also help to build your green credentials and build a respected business.

Waste Reduction

Recycling helps to reduce the quantity of waste transported to landfill sites, minimising toxic emissions and pollution made to our planet.

Conserve Resources

Batteries contain natural resources, including nickel, lead and lithium. By recycling batteries, you ensure that these natural resources are not wasted and depleted.

Recycling Dry Cell Batteries

Dry Cell Battery Recycling For UK Businesses

We specialise in recycling dry cell batteries for businesses across the UK. Our team specifically collects large volumes of batteries, including dry cell, lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries used for car batteries.

Dry cell batteries can be found in a range of products, including cameras, hearing aids, radios and various electronic gadgets. As well as the batteries, our team can collect and recycle a range of electronic equipment including laptops, mobile phones and TVs.

Please note, we do not provide battery recycling services for household waste. Household batteries can be disposed of safely using specific collection points.

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Duracell Battery Recycling Service

Duracell creates various dry cell batteries such as the AA, AAA, C, D, button cell, and 9-volt. They manufacture a variety of dry-cell batteries, including lithium and alkaline batteries.

Our service focuses on the responsible disposal and recycling of various types of batteries, including alkaline and rechargeable batteries. This means that these hazardous items do not end up in landfills, where harmful toxins are emitted. 

Batteries contain heavy metals and other substances like mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can be harmful to the environment. When batteries break down in landfills, these chemicals can leach into the soil and water, potentially harming wildlife and contaminating water supplies.

Recycling batteries also requires less energy than processing raw materials. By using less energy, recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

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Duracell battery recycling
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Contact Our Battery Disposal Company

To book a collection for your waste batteries simply contact us via the website. One of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We can also provide battery recycling bins for businesses generating large volumes of battery waste. Our team can then collect these bins on a regular basis from your premises.

Our team specialises in handling hazardous waste, including batteries, and can provide professional, trusted services. This not only ensures you follow regulations but also minimises your impact on the environment.

Once our team collects your batteries, they are then transported to licensed recycling centres. Here, the batteries are processed in a way that allows the extraction and repurposing of valuable materials, transforming what was once waste into valuable recycled material. 

Through our sustainable services, businesses nationwide are not only cutting their carbon footprint but also excelling in their green credentials. This creates environmentally friendly waste management processes whilst attracting new clients.