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Waste Tanker Services For UK Businesses

We provide waste tanker services for interceptor cleaning. This includes fuel, drainage and oil interceptors.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Services

Liquid Waste Disposal

We offer secure and professional liquid waste recycling services.

Chemical Waste Recycling

Our team collects various hazardous waste including chemicals.

Oil Waste Recycling

We specialise in disposing of oil waste safely for businesses.

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Interceptor Cleaning For UK Businesses

We provide professional interceptor cleaning services for businesses across the UK. Our interceptor cleaning and maintenance service will ensure minimal disruption whilst emptying interceptor contaminants efficiently.

Our network of ADR drivers are qualified in the transportation of dangerous liquid wastes removed from oil and petrol interceptors. We also specialise in recycling hazardous materials, such as other liquid waste from businesses.


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Our Interceptor Tank Cleaning Service

We specialise in providing interceptor cleaning services, catering to a diverse range of industries. Understanding the unique requirements and regulatory standards of each sector, we deliver customised solutions that ensure your interceptors are maintained at optimal performance levels.

Automotive Industry

Petrol stations, auto repair shops, car washes, and maintenance facilities generate oil, sediment, and debris that can clog interceptors. We provide oil and petrol interceptor cleaning services to manage these waste materials effectively, ensuring they don't impact your operations or the environment.

Manufacturing Sector:

Industrial facilities often deal with a variety of wastes, including oils, chemicals, and other byproducts. Our oil interceptor cleaning services are designed to handle high-demand environments, ensuring that your operations remain compliant with environmental regulations and avoid costly downtimes.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, dental offices, and other healthcare establishments generate specific kinds of waste that require professional interceptor cleaning. Our team handles this waste appropriately, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

Professional Forecourt Cleaning Services

Our drain cleaners utilise professional cleaning equipment including high-pressure water jetting. This process helps to remove stubborn debris and waste trapped in confined spaces, such as grease and adhesives. Commercial drain cleaning at forecourts is essential for both health and safety regulations and the professional image of your business.

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Highly Impressed

Our facility relies heavily on interceptors to manage oil and fuel, and maintaining these systems is crucial to our operations. We used Collect and Recycle for their interceptor cleaning services and were highly impressed with the results. Their team displayed deep expertise in dealing with all types of interceptors, ensuring that each was cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, minimising downtime for our operations.


Efficient Service

They conducted a thorough assessment before commencing the work and kept us informed throughout the process, ensuring we understood the work being carried out. The efficiency of their service meant that our business operations were barely interrupted, and we were able to resume our regular activities quickly.


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At Collect and Recycle, we are committed to providing exceptional interceptor cleaning services across these and other industries. Our team of experts are trained to address the specific needs of each sector, ensuring your business is not just compliant, but also operates smoothly and efficiently.

Ensuring the optimal performance of your drainage, oil and fuel interceptors is crucial for adhering to environmental standards. We provide comprehensive interceptor services that ensure liquid waste is removed and disposed of safely. 

Contact us today to find out more about our interceptor cleaning and maintenance service. We will shortly send over your quote and arrange a schedule that suits the needs of your business.