Collect and Recycle

Contracting Sector Waste Disposal Service

We provide professional waste disposal and recycling services for contractors such as installers, equipment servicing professionals, insulators and more.

Waste Disposal Services For Contractors

Paint Disposal

We can collect and recycle both paint and tins for your business.

Oil Disposal

We specialise in disposing of hazardous oil waste safely.

Fluorescent Tube Disposal

We can collect fluorescent tubes in bulk volumes from contractors.

Chemical Disposal

Car businesses produce a range of chemical waste that must be handled professionally.

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We Recycle Waste For Contractors Nationwide

We provide professional waste disposal and recycling services for contractors such as installers, equipment servicing professionals, insulators, electricians and more. Our team specialise in recycling a wide range of waste streams from hazardous materials to cardboard and packaging. If you are a contractor in the UK generating large volumes of waste, then we can offer a sustainable solution.

All of the waste we collect will be recycled where possible, or disposed of using the most environmentally friendly processes. Our team of ADR drivers will safely transport any hazardous waste to licensed disposal facilities, ensuring you are following the Hazardous Waste Guidelines appropriately.


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Why Choose Us For Your Contracting Waste?

Sustainable Solution

When choosing Collect and Recycle, you are making an investment in boosting your green credentials. Whilst this has an incredible impact on reducing your carbon footprint and harm to the environment, you can also attract new clients. Building a sustainable business is becoming increasingly important to consumers, and may even boost your profits at the same time.

Efficient Collections

Our team offers flexible, efficient collections to suit the needs of your business. We can collect waste on a regular or ad-hoc basis, meaning you can dispose of materials as and when required. We can also collect mixed waste streams on one truck, making it highly efficient for your business and optimising collection loads.

Specialist Services

Whilst we collect and recycle general waste including cardboard, paper and packaging, we also have a professional team to remove hazardous materials. This includes oils, chemicals, paint, solvents, aerosols and more. With this service, businesses and schools can have peace of mind that they are following regulations whilst utilising environmentally friendly services.

Book A Collection For Your Contracting Waste

If you produce contracting waste in large volumes, we can offer collections nationwide. Simply fill out the form on this page with the type, quantity, and any specific information regarding your waste and we will be in touch shortly. Our team can then provide you with a quote and arrange a collection day to remove the waste swiftly.