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A Guide To Computer Disposal in Bristol

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Given the fast-paced nature of the technological world, any new innovation today is already on the road to obsolescence within a couple of months. Very few hardcore users would consider using their PCs for more than a couple of years, at least not without major component upgrades. Although common practice would tell you otherwise, old or damaged computers should never be thrown out with other garbage. There are various other options when it comes to computer disposal in Bristol.

Follow these steps for a safe and secure computer disposal in Bristol.

Step 1 – Operation ‘Clean Sweep’

While many recyclers and donation programs offer this service, for safety reasons it is recommended that you do it yourself. Before you do this, make sure to back up everything you need. Some beginners fail to realize that simply deleting all personal files doesn’t really do the trick; this does make your data harder to find, but it doesn’t entirely erase it. It’s easy as pie for any experienced programmer to retrieve it. Therefore it is recommended that you completely overwrite your hard drive, preferably multiple times, and then re-install your operating system from scratch (if for instance you’re donating your computer).  Although physically smashing your PC is a great computer disposal strategy and undoubtedly more satisfying, it still doesn’t solve the issue of environmental contaminants.

Step 2 – Try To Sell Your Computer

Why not address your computer disposal problem and make some money at the same time? If your equipment is in good condition, you should try advertising online, in a local newspaper or local notice boards etc. Alternatively, you could opt for step 3.

Step 3 – Try To Donate Your Computer

Remember the ‘3R’ principle in school; “reduce, reuse, recycle?” Well there’s a good reason why reduce and reuse come first. It’s actually a lot better for the environment to donate your computer to someone or some place that needs it, such as schools, charities, non-profit agencies or retirement centers, than it is to dismantle it and recycle it part-by-part; as this is both labour and energy intensive. In other words, unless you’ve accidentally set your computer on fire or spilled coffee/beer all over the motherboard, a better option for your computer disposal issue is trying to donate it before opting to recycle it.

Step 4 – Recycle

Of course, if all else fails, then you always have the option of recycling your computer. However, keep in mind, not all recycling programs/services are created equal. If you are looking for experts in computer disposal in Bristol, Collect & Recycle is at your service.


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