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Benefits and Importance of Computer Recycling in Exeter

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Information technology evolves at such a rapid rate that electronics such as computers, laptops and printers become outdated very quickly. Various components in computers and other IT appliances are highly toxic and hazardous in nature. They pose a potential threat to the environment, either as landfills or incinerated ash. Companies like Collect & Recycle provide an eco-friendly solution to these problems and other benefits of recycling computers.

Conserves Natural Resources and Energy

Computer waste has become a major factor in increasing environment hazards. Through recycling, components such as mother-boards, batteries, and lead can be extracted and used in making new computers and laptops. Computer recycling also saves energy as mining and processing of raw materials are not required, thus expediting the production process.

Environment Benefits

Computer disposal leads to an increase in landfills. Toxic and hazardous waste like mercury and lead increases greenhouse gas emissions. They also pollute the air and water, leaving people in the area at health risk. Recycling helps in reducing these landfills and environmental threats by safely extracting these components for further use.

Economic Benefits

Recycling saves money. Mining, production and processing of raw materials are expensive procedures. Recycling helps retain these components for further use in making computers. Additionally, increased recycling leads to more plants and treatment facilities being set up, providing jobs for skilled and unskilled labor.

Community Benefits

Recycling your old computer helps make new ones. These computers, though not worth much in terms of market value, can be used in schools, charities and other organizations where the less fortunate can benefit from them.


Computer Recycling in Exeter helps in making an eco-friendly and economically viable use of your old computers. Consult a specialized company like Collect & Recycle and find out various other ways that you can benefit the environment and community alike from recycling.

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