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Electronic recycling is the process of recycling old and damaged electronic devices to make new ones for either resale or donations. Electronic waste includes computers, televisions, laptops, printers, CRTs and so on.  People that follow an eco-friendly life will agree with recycling their electronics as they impose many benefits to the environment and the community.

Benefits of Recycling your Electronics

Save Landfill Space – Electronic waste is one of the main pollutants of earth as many of its components release toxic chemical emissions. Hazardous waste disposal in Manchester can lead to these emissions staying in the soil for a very long time. Through effective waste recycling techniques, this can be minimized, thus conserving landfill space.

Conserves Natural Resources – As the toxic chemicals like lead and mercury pollute the air and soil, people who live near waste dumps are likely to become sick. When it rains, the water in the rivers becomes a hazardous waste as well. Recycling recovers these toxic materials for use in new products. This reduces pollution and gas omissions, saves energy, and saves resources by extracting these materials.

Supports the community – Electronic recycling in Manchester makes your old computers or printers good for use again. These electronics can be donated to schools and charities where the less fortunate can use them for future benefits.

Creates jobs – Electronic recycling creates jobs for recyclers and other specialised labour involved in this industry. More importantly, it helps create a market for the valuable materials that are dismantled.


Donating your old computer or television to a school or charity is a good way to help your community. But if you have an electronic device which is better off being disposed of, then give it to a recycling company such as Collect & Recycle. We ensure that Manchester electronic recycling is carried out in an eco-friendly way in order to conserve nature and landfill space.

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