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The Remarkable Second Life of Cardboard: Exciting Products Cardboard Can Be Recycled Into

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When you think of cardboard, what comes to mind? Perhaps old boxes from your latest online shopping spree, pizza boxes, or even bulky packaging from your new home appliance. 

But did you know that this humble material can enjoy a fabulous second life? It’s not just about recycling; it’s about reincarnating cardboard into amazing products. This transformation is creating an eco-friendly wave across industries. And at Collect & Recycle, we are at the forefront of this movement.

8 Exciting Products Made From Recycled Cardboard

Garden Mulch

It starts in the garden, where cardboard turns into a gardener’s best friend. Shredded cardboard makes brilliant mulch. It’s perfect for suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, and breaking down to enrich soil nutrients.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

The living room is next. Believe it or not, cardboard is transforming into stylish, sturdy, and sustainable furniture. Chairs, tables, shelves – you name it. Designers are creating pieces that are lightweight, yet robust, using the magic of recycled cardboard.

Cardboard Houses

Now, let’s think even bigger. Imagine an entire house made of cardboard. Sounds far-fetched? It’s already happening! The Netherlands boasts the first cardboard houses, built to last for a century and designed with sustainability in mind.

Kids’ Toys

Back inside the house, children are playing with a new generation of toys, crafted from recycled cardboard. From DIY castles and race cars to educational puzzle games, these toys are safe, affordable, and recyclable once again when playtime is over.

Pet Products

Even our furry friends are not left out. Cat scratchers, dog toys, pet beds – all can be made from recycled cardboard, providing fun and comfort for pets while keeping sustainability at the heart.

Craft Supplies

The world of arts and crafts also welcomes recycled cardboard. It can become anything from painting canvases to decorative picture frames, feeding the creativity of crafters everywhere.

Biodegradable Planters

Back to the garden, cardboard finds yet another role as biodegradable planters. These pots not only hold the plant but also decompose over time, nourishing the soil and reducing plastic waste.


Last but not least, recycled cardboard comes full circle as eco-friendly packaging. Businesses are adopting this sustainable solution to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the growing demand for green packaging.

It’s astonishing to think that your old cardboard boxes could become part of this diverse array of products, isn’t it? The opportunities are endless, and we at Collect & Recycle are committed to driving this change. 

By recycling your cardboard with us, you’re not just reducing waste – you’re fuelling a sustainable future, one piece of cardboard at a time.

As you unbox your next delivery, remember that you’re holding a future garden mulch, a kid’s toy, a piece of furniture, or perhaps even a part of a house. Now, isn’t that exciting?

If you are a business creating bulk loads of cardboard waste, get in touch with us to book your collection. We offer great rebales for large volumes of cardboard and ensure your waste is recycled effectively.

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