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Facts on Electronic Recycling in Portsmouth

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Electronic recycling is a major component of the recycling industry. Electronics like mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions and printers are all recyclable. Once these electronics become outdated, it is important to dispose of them properly. Companies providing electronic recycling in Portsmouth help reduce the excess waste these products create if thrown in the garbage. Companies like Collect & Recycle help in reducing the waste deposited in landfills and conserving natural resources and energy.

Why Recycle?

Every year, more than 40 million computers are discarded, with only 15% of those getting recycled. Equipment like speakers, motherboards, mobile chips, and printer cartridges can be reused to make new products. You can find a list of items that can be recycled on Collect & Recycle’s website.

Donating and Recycling

Donating your old telephones and computer is a popular method of waste disposal. It helps the underprivileged in schools and correctional facilities. Recycling is good for older electronics that cannot be used anymore. Important components such as metals, electrical devices, battery parts and so on can be extracted and turned into new devices.

Finding a Recycling Facility

You can find many electronic recycling centers in Portsmouth. Collect & Recycle is a recycling company that provides treatment and disposal for various materials like electronics, aluminum, hazardous waste, etc.

Preparing your Device

Whether you are donating or recycling, remember to remove any personal data or information from your device. Identity thieves reboot components discarded for recycling. It is important to wipe out all the memory from the device and drain the battery completely.

Take the Initiative

Improper electronic waste disposal leads to an increase in landfills. Most electronics have components that are toxic in nature and get absorbed in the soil, raising air and water pollution. This poses a potential health threat to people in the locality. Collect & Recycle provides the most environment friendly techniques of disposing and recycling your electronics.

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