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hazardous waste regulations UK

what the hazardous waste regulations mean

In the UK, the government has a set of hazardous waste regulations laid out since July 2005 for businesses to follow when dealing with harmful waste materials. These regulations alter slightly for Northern Ireland, which you can find here from the Environment Agency. 

Hazardous waste is defined as materials which ‘are harmful to humans or the environment’, containing a list of wastes such as the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Oils
  • Batteries
  • Equipment containing ozone depleting substances
  • Solvents
  • Hazardous waste containers

These are all classified as hazardous and must follow the hazardous waste England regulations (2005) for environmental protection and human health.

Holding & Disposing Hazardous Waste

Producers of special waste included above must ensure that they are disposing of their waste with hazardous waste management specialists. This means with authorised, professional businesses who have the correct licences and permits to carry and dispose of the waste.

You must also separate and store the hazardous waste safely with suitable containers and labels to avoid mixing, leaking or harm, and complete a waste transfer note for each type of waste materials that leaves your land. 

When you find a specialist team to dispose of hazardous waste, you must keep (for 3 years) and share the following records with your carriers:

  • Consignment notes (European waste catalogue code, type of premises, waste details, process to produce the waste, special problems)
  • Consignee returns (From the business that receives your waste)
  • Carrier schedules / rejected loads

There are extra requirements needed if your waste is rejected, you transport your own waste, or you receive, treat or dispose of waste.

The Importance Of Following Hazardous Waste Regulations

As hazardous waste can cause a major impact on both our health and our environments, it is critical that you follow the rules set out by the Government. If you do not, you could face legal action and put the safety of your team at risk. When hazardous waste is disposed of incorrectly, it may end up in landfill sites. This is where a high amount of hazardous waste is polluting the world by seeping into the soils and emitting harmful toxins into the atmosphere. 

When partnering with a hazardous waste disposal company such as ourselves, we can take the stress off your hand dealing with waste collections, transportation, and disposing of your waste securely. The waste will also be recycling where possible, meaning that your business is cutting your carbon footprint and increasing recycling rates. This gives you an opportunity to boost your green credentials, whilst having peace of mind that the waste you are creating is being repurposed into new materials to enter back into the industry.

If your business produces other waste streams, our team also provides collection and recycling services for paper and cardboard, WEEE, paint and confidential waste. Get in touch today to book your collection, or simply find out more about our services and how we can provide a full waste solution for you.

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Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing a consistently reliable waste collection service. We work with a verified network of haulage partners to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

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All collections are compliant with environmental legislation to ensure your business has peace of mind when disposing of all types of waste. Every collection will have a full paperwork & audit trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling your waste is at the forefront of what we do. Each waste type is processed at authorised treatment facilities to ensure the maximum possible recycling rates. Recycling reports are available to all our customers.

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To book a collection for your hazardous waste simply contact us through the website or call us. One of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Our transport options include a self-loading (Moffatt) options for locations without a forklift. We can also schedule particular collection days for regular customers. 

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