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IT Recyclers in Cardiff – The Processes and Benefits

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IT is one of the fastest evolving markets in the world. Every year, new trends and products evolve the IT industry. Recycling of IT products like computers, laptops and printers has become a necessity. IT recyclers in Cardiff process your IT waste into new products following carefully planned out processes. Local waste treatment businesses like Collect & Recycle can get you started with disposing your old electronics and computers the right way.

Processes of Recycling


The first stage of recycling computers and other electronics is Reuse. Each component is inspected and units to be reused or refurbished are collected. All data on units to be reused is sanitized. These units are then sold to downstream reuse markets after testing.


The IT equipment that does not pass the inspection are sent to processing facilities. These electronics are then de-manufactured and separated into plastics, metals and glass. The individual units are then processed and sent for reuse.


After the de-assembly of all electronics, their components and units that remain are sent to recycling facilities for further processing to make new products.

The Benefits

Recycling helps conserve energy and natural resources. Components and units good for reuse can be extracted and sold or used in making new products. This saves natural resources and energy.

Recycling reduces landfills. Landfills contribute extensively in polluting the environment. IT recyclers in Cardiff make sure minimal components are disposed of in landfills. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses released in the environment.

IT recycling helps the community. Your old IT products can be used in schools, charities and other facilities after recycling.


Why Recycle?

IT recyclers in Cardiff dispose and treat your IT products to make sure that minimum carbon footprint is left behind. Specialised recycling companies like Collect & Recycle can provide you with a disposal plan to help you get started with recycling.

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