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IT Recycling in Cambridge and Its Benefits for the Community

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Collect & Recycle provides services which help companies with IT recycling in Cambridge and in turn benefit the community in a positive way.

Technology continues to grow at a rapid rate and it has inadvertently contributed to an increase in electronic waste around the world. As old computers, printers, phones, fax machines and other electronic items become obsolete; many companies simply choose to dump all these electronic equipments at landfill sites rather than choosing to recycle them.

This has culminated in an increase in electronic waste all over the United Kingdom and it is imperative that IT recycling in Cambridge is promoted, since there are a lot of benefits for the community as a direct result. Most electronic items contain harmful elements and contaminants in them such as mercury, lead, beryllium, and cadmium, which can cause harmful effects on people and the community.

The dumping of electronic waste at landfill sites has increased the risk of people being exposed to these harmful elements which can cause serious health hazards and even death in some cases. Many of these electronic items can easily be salvaged through IT recycling in Cambridge, which will reuse the unwanted parts of these equipments to help make new IT equipment and as a result protect the environment as well.

There has been an increase in IT recycling over the past couple of years, with a 15% – 20% increase in the amount of e-waste that is being disposed at landfill sites. Collect & Recycle provides the best IT recycling services in Cambridge and can help your company dispose of harmful e-waste in the proper manner, while also preserving the environment.

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