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Medium-Sized Baler For Cardboard Waste

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At Collect & Recycle, we provide an extensive range of cardboard waste balers tailored to suit the specific needs of businesses. Our medium-sized balers, particularly the 250 Baling Press, are designed for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Our Medium Baler For Recycling

Efficient and Versatile

The 250 Baling Press is a medium-sized cardboard baler, perfect for businesses that deal with moderate volumes of cardboard and paper waste. Its cycle time is optimised for productivity, ensuring that your waste processing is as efficient as possible.

User-Friendly Design

Featuring a convenient loading aperture, the 250 Baling Press is user-friendly and safe to operate. Its design includes retaining claws to prevent material springback, enhancing safety and efficiency during the baling process.

Environmental Compliance

With a focus on environmental sustainability, this mid-size baler helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint by efficiently recycling waste materials. The baler is designed to produce consistent bale weights, making the bales easy to handle and transport.

250 cardboard baler

250 Baling Press

- Press force: 15 tonnes
- Bale weight: up to 250kg
- Bale dimensions: 1000 x 1200 x 800mm
- Cycle time: 34 seconds
- Machine weight: 985kg
- Overall dimensions (H x W x D): 2900 x 1707 x 1200mm

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Does My Business Need A Cardboard Baler?

If your business regularly accumulates significant volumes of cardboard boxes and paper waste, investing in a medium-sized baler like the 250 Baling Press can streamline your waste management processes. This will save both time and space for your business.

Using a baler for your recycling needs can significantly reduce waste disposal costs. By compacting waste into manageable bales, you can decrease the frequency of waste collection and lower transportation costs.

Our 250 Baling Press is also suitable for use in various environments without causing disruptions. The size can suit both small and large premises, making it a flexible option for businesses.

Order Your Medium Sized 250 Baler Today

Contact us today to learn more about our medium-sized balers for hire and sale. Whether you are looking to manage cardboard, paper, or other recyclable materials, the 250 Baling Press is an excellent choice for efficient and environmentally friendly waste management.

Not only do we provide cardboard balers and compactors for businesses, but we can also collect and recycle your baled waste. Whilst our collections ensure materials are recycled, we also offer great rebates for bulk loads of recyclable waste. This means you can earn money from your materials and open up a new revenue stream.


Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Does A Cardboard Bale Weigh?

A cardboard bale’s weight varies depending on the type of baler you buy or hire. For example, the 250 baling press provides a bale weight of up to 250kg.

How Much Is A Cardboard Baler?

A cardboard baler varies in price depending on the type of machine. We provide businesses with balers for rent or purchase to suit all budgets.

What Can Go In A Cardboard Baler?

Various types of cardboard waste can go into our cardboard balers. This may include whole boxes, sheets, plates and paperboard.

Do Your Provide Consumables?

We also offer baling wire to assist with securing your cardboard bales. Please place an order by contacting our team.