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commercial cardboard recycling watford

Commercial Cardboard Recycling in Watford

We offer cardboard recycling services for businesses located in Watford and surrounding. If you generate large volumes of cardboard waste from a 4-tonne minimum, we can collect and recycle materials for your business.

Our waste management team has experience working with businesses from various sectors, including distribution centres, warehouses, retailers and manufacturers. We also collect a range of other waste streams, including textiles, electronics, hazardous items and more. Please let us know when using the form below whether we can help you recycle other waste materials.

The Benefits Of Recycling Cardboard For Your Business

Recycling cardboard presents a multitude of benefits for businesses in Watford, offering both environmental and economic advantages. The process of recycling cardboard is integral to creating a sustainable business model, especially in today’s environmentally conscious market. 

By engaging in cardboard recycling, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Cardboard, primarily made from pulped wood, is a resource-intensive material. Recycling it means fewer trees need to be cut down, leading to a substantial decrease in deforestation and habitat destruction. Furthermore, the recycling process consumes less energy compared to producing new cardboard, further reducing the overall environmental impact.


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Your cardboard waste should be baled or palletised before our collection day. If you do not have a baler on site, we can assist with our baler hire services. This machine works by pressing waste down into compact blocks, reducing the volumes of materials and collections needed to remove waste.

Please get in touch today to book your collection or find out more about our recycling services. We can also offer great rebates for large quantities of high quality materials.

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