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Do you know what happens to your company’s shredded paper after it leaves the building? If you don’t, it makes sense to find out if it goes to a secured location or is appropriately recycled. Partnering with an efficient and reliable recycling company means you will never have to worry about what happens to your shredded paper at the end of the week. 

With waste and recycling facilities in many locations throughout the country and an extensive network of vehicles, Collect and Recycle are at your service wherever you are and whatever size of business you operate. Contact us today for a fast quote and competitive price for recycling your shredded paper, and make your waste disposal process as efficient as your supply chain so nobody ends up putting shredded paper in the rubbish bin.

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Although shredding paper is the first step to securing your waste, it doesn’t mean the accumulated sheds can be simply tossed in the recycling bin. The shredded paper needs to be contained and disposed of professionally to ensure none of it is lost in the transportation process or the recycling machines.

Collect and Recycle will make sure your company’s shredded paper is baled and transported to a regulated recycling facility. Once there, the paper sheds will be sorted into type and turned into pulp. The pulp is then screened to filter out any impurities – this process also removes any ink on the paper. Finally, the pulp is mixed with fresh pulp to produce new paper.

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Security and data protection is a high priority for most businesses, which is why it’s essential to use a licenced facility for processing your company’s shredded paper. Collect and Recycle have strong links with domestic and overseas paper mills that specialize in the safe disposal and recycling of industry paper.

As with a supply chain, the process of waste disposal is most secure and reliable if it is consistent. Collect and Recycle makes this process as simple and consistent as possible so that an audit trail can be kept and any discrepancies identified. The licenced facilities we use guarantee the most cost-effective and sustainable route for your recycled paper back into production.

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Quality Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing a consistently reliable waste collection service. We work with a verified network of haulage partners to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

Total Compliance

All collections are compliant with environmental legislation to ensure your business has peace of mind when disposing of all types of waste. Every collection will have a full paperwork & audit trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling your waste is at the forefront of what we do. Each waste type is processed at authorised treatment facilities to ensure the maximum possible recycling rates. Recycling reports are available to all our customers.

our reliable Collection service

If your business produces a consistent quantity of shredded paper waste, it makes sense to partner with a waste disposal and recycling company like Collect and Recycle. A convenient and reliable service will ensure that your sensitive data is not lost during transportation and that any discrepancies can be efficiently tranced. Furthermore, you will have reliable numbers and quantities to work with when buying in resources, making your business more efficient.

Regardless of the size of your business enterprise, Collect and Recycle can set up a daily, weekly, or monthly collection for your shredded paper. We can collect it in bags for your convenience and transport it securely to our local facilities, where it will be segmented and bailed. There is no need to worry about the future of your shredded paper after it has left your place of business.

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