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Scrap Metal Recycling in Cardiff: The Basics

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Scrap metal is leftover metal that carries a significant monetary value. Companies doing scrap metal recycling in Cardiff like Collect & Recycle impose many economic and environmental benefits.

Who Should Recycle?

Scrap metal recycling is essential for traders dealing with metals on a daily routine. These traders can be in the construction, extraction and electronics industries. Collect & Recycle also encourages homes to recycle their metal scrap and make money on it.

Ferrous vs. Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals have the tendency to stick onto magnets as they contain iron. These metals carry less monetary value. Nevertheless, they are still accepted at Collect & Recycle and are recycled properly in their scrap yard.

Non-ferrous metals tend to not stick onto magnets. Common metals include copper, brass, steel and aluminum. They are highly valuable and carry a much more significant monetary value than ferrous metals upon recycling.

The Benefits

UK is one of the five largest metal exporting countries in the world. The metal industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy of the country. Metals such as aluminum, copper and steel are infinitely recyclable without potential loss to quality. Each year scrap metal recycling in Cardiff;

  • Saves 80% energy
  • Saves 70% raw materials used
  • Reduces landfills
  • Reduces Mining waste
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces water pollution

Why Recycle?

While companies and big firms are encouraged to recycle scrap metal, it is not a bad idea to collect and bring yours to scrap yards. Though household scrap provides low cash benefits, you should consider the environment and economic benefits of it as well. Collect & Recycle can help you in getting started with the go green initiative for a healthier tomorrow.

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