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Waste Collection in London

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Waste collection is an important aspect of waste management. Disposal of waste materials can be done in two ways: disposal at landfills or recycling for further treatment and use. Curbside collection takes place regularly in London to ensure the city remains clean. Collect and Recycle provides waste removal services for domestic and commercial properties and ensures the greenest possible solution for disposal and treatment.

Types of Waste

Household Waste – Household waste contains both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Pesticides, mercury, oil paint, cleaners and fluorescent light bulbs are examples of hazardous material. Non-hazardous waste includes product packaging, appliances, food scraps, newspapers, and aluminum cans and foils. Household waste is collected from waste containers and recycling bins. Besides the government employed waste collection vehicles, private waste collectors like Collect & Recycle can be hired as well. Waste is transferred to waste dumps where they are loaded in larger vehicles and sent to either landfills or recycling facilities, depending on the nature of the waste.

Commercial Waste – Generally, companies and businesses in London are required to make their own waste collection and disposal arrangements. Most companies don’t put effort into having a running waste disposal system. Hazardous waste releases toxins into the environment, increasing air and water pollution, and emitting greenhouse gases. These factors put the lives of people living and working in these areas under immense risk. Commercial waste is treated by extracting the reusable materials from the dump for recycling, and disposing of the rest in landfills. Collect & Recycle can help your business in getting rid of these wastes for further treatment.

Waste collection in London is a vital part of keeping the city clean and healthy. Collect & Recycle follows a standard method of recycling and disposing in landfills to ensure your waste is treated in the greenest and most environmentally friendly way.

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