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Waste Management: IT Recycling in Exeter

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The IT industry is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries in the world. Every quarter, new products are available in the market which leave your old IT products outdated. As various IT products are left obsolete, the need to recycle them is growing at an alarming rate as well. IT recycling in Exeter involves collection, extraction of important components, disposal and treatment to make new products. Companies like Collect & Recycle specialize in effectively recycling these redundant products through planned out IT management techniques to ensure that your privacy is protect and all the sensitive data is destroyed.


IT recyclers follow three standard procedures: refurbishing, recycling, and reusing. Refurbishing involves cleaning, testing and updating the device. Updating usually includes software update or hardware repair. Once this process is completed, these IT products are sold for discounted prices either locally or in other countries. Collect & Recycle makes better use of your disposed IT products by supplying them to schools, charities and other organizations for communal use and benefits.


Devices such as laptops, monitors, printers, tablets and so on comprise of a variety of metals, plastics, copper wires, glass and other materials that are recyclable. Metals and minerals are extracted and melted to create ingots. These ingots are sold to IT companies to make new computers, laptops or sold to construction companies to make roads or parts of airplanes.


Before giving your old IT product, remember to erase your personal or company information. Devices are internally and externally wiped before reuse, and all personal information left behind is destroyed. After this process, the devices are checked and updated to make sure they are in working condition. From there on, they can again be sold or donated.

IT recycling in Exeter gives you the chance to dispose of your old devices in an eco-friendly manner through companies like Collect & Recycle.

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