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We are all about service, compliance and safety when recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment from organisations across the South West.

Collect & Recycle offer a bespoke service to the exacting needs of our clients, working closely with each one on an individual basis, ensuring that their waste is recycled in a legal and compliant manner.
Our clients rely on the fact that we do what we say we are going to do, on a timescale and budget that suits them entirely.

Our processing site is dedicated to safely destroying and dismantling waste electrical and electronic equipment with a 100% recycling output of all materials dealt with.
Every component part from a computer, laptop, printer, mouse or keyboard is 100% recyclable. The shredded metals, plastics and composites are sent into British refineries where they are further processed and sold back into manufacturing.

We collect WEEE by the box, pallet or tonne weight if required and have a collection and transport solution for all client requirements.

Destruction certificates can be produced upon request and all collections carry an environment agency return by us to meet the current regulations.

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