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Acetone Disposal In Laboratories UK

We specialise in acetone disposal in laboratories across the UK. Our team collects and disposes of acetone waste safely and securely.

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How To Dispose Of Acetone UK

Proper disposal of acetone in laboratories is crucial due to its hazardous nature and high flammability. We specialise in safely handling and disposing of acetone waste, ensuring compliance with UK regulations and promoting a safe working environment.

We provide ADR drivers who are trained and qualified to transport dangerous goods. With a commitment to sustainability, we also ensure the most environmentally friendly methods are used to dispose of lab waste.

In the UK, acetone disposal must adhere to specific regulations to prevent environmental pollution and ensure safety. Classifying acetone waste correctly and following the recommended disposal guidelines involving a licensed hazardous waste facility is imperative. 

As specialists in hazardous waste disposal, we offer businesses nationwide professional waste disposal services.

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What Is Acetone?

Acetone is a highly flammable, colourless liquid commonly used in laboratories and industries as a solvent. Its applications range from removing nail polish to cleaning and degreasing. 

Due to its effectiveness and volatility, acetone is categorised as hazardous waste when discarded, resulting in stringent disposal measures.

Acetone Waste Disposal In Labs

When disposing of acetone in laboratories, it is essential to:

Use Appropriate Containers

Ensure that acetone waste is stored in suitable, clearly labelled containers to prevent leaks and evaporation.

Wear Gloves and Ensure Ventilation

To stay safe, always wear protective gloves when handling acetone and work in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation risks.

Avoid Open

Due to its highly flammable nature, keep acetone away from open flames and sources of ignition.

Utilise Hazardous Waste Services

Dispose of acetone waste using a licensed, professional hazardous waste collection service.

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Punctual Service

As a busy research laboratory, handling hazardous waste safely and compliantly is a top priority for us. We recently utilised Collect and Recycle's acetone disposal service and were thoroughly impressed. Their team provided clear instructions for segregating and storing our acetone waste, and their collection service was punctual.


Reliable Waste Management

Our manufacturing facility produces a significant amount of acetone waste, and managing this responsibly is crucial to our operations and environmental commitments. We turned to Collect and Recycle for their specialised acetone disposal service and have been exceptionally satisfied with the decision. They not only ensured that our acetone waste was disposed of safely but also offered guidance on minimising future waste.

Acetone Disposal In Labs

Book Our Acetone Disposal Service

Collect and Recycle offers a professional acetone disposal service tailored for laboratories. Our service ensures that your acetone waste is managed and disposed of in compliance with UK regulations, mitigating any risks associated. 

By choosing our service, you can ensure that your laboratory stays safe, compliant, and contributes to a sustainable practice by recycling acetone where possible.

Our team is equipped to handle acetone disposal needs for various sectors, including research labs, manufacturers and nail salons, providing peace of mind and a commitment to environmental safety and compliance. 

Contact us today to book our acetone disposal service and ensure your acetone waste is managed responsibly and efficiently. We can also recycle contaminated containers at licensed recycling facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions For The Disposal Of Acetone In Labs

How Can You Prevent Acetone Spills While Storing It?

To prevent acetone spills, always store acetone in sealed, acetone-resistant containers. Acetone dissolves most plastics except polypropylene. Keep containers in a cool, well-ventilated area away from heat to prevent pressure build-up.

Use secondary containment methods such as spill trays, especially when handling large amounts typical in acetone production settings. Regular inspections and strict handling protocols are essential, and staff should be trained on proper safety measures and spill response techniques.

Can I Pour Acetone Down The Drain?

No, do not pour acetone down the drain as it can harm the environment and disrupt wastewater treatment processes. For small amounts, like those used in nail polish remover, take it to a recycling or waste management facility equipped for hazardous waste treatment. For larger quantities used in labs or industry, contact a professional waste management service. Always treat acetone disposal seriously, ensuring it is not placed in regular waste bins or poured into the sewer system.