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Chlorine Disposal For Businesses

We dispose of chlorine waste for labs and various businesses across the UK. Get in touch today to book a safe collection.

A Few Chemical Waste Services We Offer

Liquid Waste Disposal

Collect and Recycle offers a liquid waste collection service for businesses and organisations all over the UK.

Ethanol Disposal

Our team provides ethanol disposal services for businesses across the UK.

Acetone Disposal

We specialise in disposing of acetone for laboratories nationwide.

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Professional Chlorine Disposal Service

Whether you have chlorine waste from a laboratory, swimming pool, or manufacturing business, we deal with this hazardous waste safely. At Collect and Recycle, we provide chemical waste collections nationwide, ensuring your business follows disposal guidelines whilst acting sustainably.

Our waste management services specialise in hazardous chemicals, particularly from labs, and can offer collections for unwanted waste or clearances.

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Guidelines For Hazardous Chemicals

Chlorine is classified as a hazardous chemical due to its potential for reactivity and the risks it poses to health and the environment. Laboratories must adhere to specific guidelines to manage and dispose of chlorine safely:

Identification and Segregation

Identify and segregate chlorine waste from other types of waste. This segregation is crucial for preventing chemical reactions that could lead to hazardous incidents.


Store chlorine waste in appropriate, clearly labelled, and secure containers. This practice is vital to prevent leaks, spills, and accidental exposure.

Health and Safety Protocols

Ensure that all personnel handling chlorine waste are trained in health and safety procedures. This training should include the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid measures, and emergency procedures in case of accidental exposure.


Follow all local and national regulations regarding hazardous waste disposal. This compliance ensures that your laboratory adheres to legal standards and maintains a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Book Your Chlorine Waste Disposal Collection

At Collect and Recycle, we provide a specialised chlorine waste disposal collection service tailored to the needs of laboratories. Our service is designed to ensure that your chlorine waste is handled, transported, and disposed of in accordance with all health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Our experienced team will collect your chlorine waste at a scheduled time that suits your laboratory’s operations, ensuring minimal disruption. Upon completion of the disposal process, we provide certification to confirm that your chlorine waste has been managed and disposed of responsibly. We ensure that the disposal process complies with all relevant regulations, providing you with peace of mind and assurance.