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Computer Recycling in Manchester

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The IT industry is a fast evolving market, with new products and updates every year. Computers have been fast replaced by laptops as they take up less space and can be carried anywhere with ease. With the rapid change in technologies and low costs, most computers are left obsolete. Computer recycling is a process of dismantling, and extracting useful components to make new ones.

Computer recycling in Manchester has experienced growth in the last few years. Services like Collect & Recycle can collect and dispose of your old computers safely and efficiently to make them good for further use again.

Recyclable Parts




Circuit Boards


Component Parts



The first phase of computer recycling is inspecting each unit and sorting out the ones that can be reused or refurbished. All data stored in the units is wiped out before reuse. These components are then tested further and sent for reuse or are refurbished to make new, downstream versions.


Components that do not pass the inspection are sent for further processing. This happens mostly with faulty or destroyed computers. The components are de-manufactured and separated into glass, metals and plastics. The marketable components are sent for reuse and the rest is recycled.


After de-manufacturing, all the remaining components and materials are treated and processed in recycling plants in Manchester to make new products and ensure that the least possible amount is dumped in landfills.

Why Recycle?

Computers contain components that can be hazardous and toxic if not disposed of properly. These components fill up landfills, pollute the air and water and put the people in the locality at health hazard risks. Computer recycling also saves the natural resources and funds to make new products from extraction. Recycled computers can benefit deprived schools, correctional facilities and charities.

Computer recycling in Manchester can be done through firms like Collect & Recycle. Collect & Recycle provides an eco-friendly and economically efficient solution to recycle old computers.

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