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IT Recycling in Leeds

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Every now and then, new IT products are available readily and the old ones become obsolete. This has led to an increase in the need to dispose of properly and recycle old products. Companies like Collect & Recycle provide collection, disposal, and recycling of IT related products in an eco-friendly manner to make sure these obsolete devices are put to better use.

Why Recycle?

IT recycling in Leeds involves extracting components from products, and using them to make new ones. Recycling helps the community and nature in many ways.

  • Recycling reduces the need to extract materials from earth, which is an expensive and time consuming process. This conserves the natural resources and energy used.
  • It recyclers make sure that minimum contribution is made to increasing landfill spaces. IT products usually contain hazardous and toxic components that can contribute to polluting the air, water and the environment. Recycling helps reduce landfills and environment pollution.
  • IT recycling in Leeds can help make better use of your old computers and laptops by making new ones and providing them to schools, charitable organisations and other communities.

What to Recycle?

There are various IT products that can be recycled and reused. The general process involves data sanitization and removing other personal information.

  • Computers – Monitors, system units, motherboards and circuit boards can be recycled. Computers are recycled by extracting component parts and making new, streamlined versions from them.
  • Laptops – Drives and circuit boards in laptops beyond repair are degaussed. Remaining units are dismantled into components and then segregated.
  • Printers – Printers involves treatments like removing storage date, and disposing ink cartridges and toners.

IT recycling in Leeds provides you with an environment friendly solution to recycle. Collect & Recycle can give you with a quote and help dispose and recycle these products to promote a healthy initiative.

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