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Aluminum Recycling in Reading and its Benefits

Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled again and again. Its infinite recycling properties have made it one of the most abundant metals in the world. 80% of drink cans and bottles in the UK are made from aluminum. Aluminum recycling in Reading is done in treatment facilities by specialised firms such as Collect & Recycle. Listed below are the few benefits of recycling aluminum.

Saves Energy

Used beverage cans, bottles, and caps make the largest components of aluminum scrap. The UK government took the initiative to set up aluminum recycling bins to recycle as much of the metal as possible. Most aluminum is recycled back into cans and foils. Some aluminum components can be used to make parts of aircrafts. This process saves about 95% of energy and fewer greenhouse gas emissions than producing new aluminum products from scratch.

Conserves Environment and Natural Resources

Aluminum is a sustainable metal. It can be recycled over and over again without the loss in quality. This conserves this precious natural resource which can provide benefits in the future. Recycling aluminum is also cost and time efficient. Recycling reduces landfills; it takes about 60 days for aluminum scrap to be turned into a can or bottle and be good for sale.

Creates Jobs

Aluminum is the most recycled product in the recycling industry. Year after year, more and more recycling plants are being set up all over the UK. Aluminum recycling in Reading has created many job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor, and has played its part in improving the economy of the country.


Aluminum is the most sustainable material of all. Aluminum recycling provides various benefits to the environment, economy and community in Reading.

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