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We recycle paper and cardboard waste in bulk loads nationwide.

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We provide cardboard balers to help businesses reduce waste volumes.

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We provide paper shredding services for confidential waste.

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Cardboard Bale Rebate Service

How To Sell Cardboard For Recycling

If you are wondering who buys cardboard bales, Collect & Recycle offers excellent rebates collecting from any location across the UK. So how exactly does a cardboard bale rebate work? It’s pretty simple, Collect & Recycle will pay you for your baled cardboard waste, and take it off your hands!

The first step is to weigh and compress your cardboard waste, and for this, you’ll need a cardboard baler. At Collect & Recycle we can also supply baling equipment for selling your cardboard. This may include a horizontal or vertical baler.

By using baling equipment you can compact your cardboard and receive a quote. These also help you save storage space and efficiently manage multiple waste streams. Some businesses use a cardboard shredder to recycle their cardboard, or create shredded paper using equipment. In general, this option is only viable if you produce a smaller amount of waste.


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Cardboard Bale Price Per Tonne

Cardboard bale rebates are offered on a ‘baled cardboard price per tonne’ basis. The average price you are offered for paper and cardboard bales will vary according to the current market value. Several factors influence the market value, including the amount of orders from overseas, production costs, or political events. Rest assured that Collect & Recycle only offers the very best payment terms and prices. We’ll ensure that you end up with a great price per tonne while improving your waste management processes!

At Collect & Recycle, we treat cardboard packaging as a valuable resource which can be reused within the manufacturing industry. Whether it’s cardboard boxes or paper bales, we want to buy it all for a great price! Recycled cardboard is used to make products such as paper towels, cereal boxes, writing paper, or used to make corrugated cardboard.

Is Baling Cardboard to Sell Worth It?

Absolutely! At Collect & Recycle, we emphasise the value and efficiency of baling cardboard for sale. If you are wondering about baled cardboard prices per ton, you’ll be pleased to know that by baling your cardboard, you can tap into competitive market rates. This price can vary, however, you can ensure a worthwhile return on your recycling efforts.

Many businesses ask how much you can get for a bale of cardboard, and once we know your details we can provide a price. With our attractive rebates, the financial benefits are significant. Additionally, understanding how much a bale of cardboard weighs is crucial for maximising your revenue. We can supply cardboard balers to help you manage quantities of cardboard and ensure materials are ready for recycling facilities.

Why Choose Collect and Recycle

Quality Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing a consistently reliable waste collection service. We work with a verified network of haulage partners to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

Total Compliance

All collections are compliant with environmental legislation to ensure your business has peace of mind when disposing of all types of waste. Every collection will have a full paperwork & audit trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Each waste type is processed at authorised treatment facilities to ensure the maximum possible recycling rates. Recycling reports are available to all our customers.

We offer competitive cardboard recycling prices For Businesses

  • Recycling waste cardboard boxes means saving space on your business premises.
  • Earn money on your cardboard to balance out the cost of waste hauling.
  • Go greener by sending less waste to landfill, and reduce the extent of tree felling.
  • Waste management improves efficiency and helps your company achieve lean principles.
  • Fast and convenient recycling collection, rebate paid within 10 days max.  
  • Saves your team time having to organise and carry out recycling processes.
  • Access to baling equipment to support the recycling procedure.
  • All types of cardboard and paper grade including magazines, mixed paper and redundant stock.
  • We provide discounted recycling rates for our regular customers.
    Collect & Recycle offers fantastic customer service and quality.


Try our cardboard bale collection services today

When it comes to waste management, effective recycling is the key. Businesses across the UK all need efficient solutions to reduce waste and dispose of it correctly. Waste disposal costs money, but it’s got to be done. With our cardboard bale recycling services, you’ll earn money back, and streamline your recycling efforts. We pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s top recycling services, offering amazing cardboard recycling prices nationwide. Depending on your quantity of cardboard waste or waste paper, Collect & Recycle may be able to collect from Europe.

Have you got cardboard or paper bales for sale? At Collect & Recycle, we are on a sustainability mission, helping businesses to dispose of recyclable materials properly. Whatever your recycling collection needs, we are ready to discuss your requirements. We help businesses save money by selling cardboard waste to our team and recycle all of the waste collected. 

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