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Benefits of Aluminium Recycling in London

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Aluminium is the most sustainable metal in the world. This is due to the fact that it can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality and material. Aluminium can be found in cans, foils, caps and in aircraft parts. More than 1.5 million tons of Aluminium cans are wasted each year. However, Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Collect & Recycle can give you a quote and recycle this abundant material for further use.

Recycling has its benefits, from environmental to economic. Aluminium recycling in London is done by following standard safety procedures to ensure minimum waste disposal. A few benefits of recycling Aluminium are:


Recycling Aluminium conserves natural resources and energy, and saves time and money. Aluminium is first smelted then converted into ingots. These ingots are used in making tins, foils, cans and other Aluminium related products. This eliminates the need to extract the material and further process it, thus saving the resources and funds. As recycling is an expedited process, it requires less energy and time.


Aluminium recycling is a cheaper and faster process than extracting. Aluminium has a high market value; therefore, it provides an economic reason to recycle. Most recycling plants exchange Aluminium waste for money, providing you with funds. As the need to recycle Aluminium grows, more plants are being set up. This leads to creating job opportunities in the region for skilled and unskilled labor.


Besides the environmental and economic incentives, Aluminium recycling also helps the community. Though Aluminium is not hazardous, most of the material is found in landfills. Many charities and groups encourage disposing Aluminium cans for cash to fund more local projects. Firms providing services for Aluminium recycling in London like Collect & Recycle can help in effectively collecting and treating this material for further use.

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