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Benefits of Recycling Hazardous Waste in Cambridge

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Hazardous waste is made up of materials that impose a potential threat to the environment and public health. Hazardous waste can be found in domestic as well as commercial premises. Its main characteristics are that it is flammable, highly reactive, corrosive, and toxic. These wastes are found in all three solid, liquid and gaseous states. Depending on the state of the waste, different disposal and treatment procedures are required. Collect & Recycle takes care of your hazardous waste in Cambridge with great precaution and disposes or treats it using the most environmentally friendly techniques.

Why Recycle? The Benefits

Proper disposal of hazardous wastes provides environmental, social and financial benefits for businesses.

  • Cost-effectiveness – Some materials in hazardous waste like aluminum, mercury and so on can be extracted and used to make new products. These materials provide financial benefits to the business or household who disposes of these materials to waste removals services. Collect & Recycle provides professional advice on how to prepare hazardous waste for collection. Reusing materials extracted from hazardous waste is a cost effective way to make new products.


  • Conserves Natural Resources – Natural resources like water, oil and metals can be conserved through recycling. Mining, extracting, processing and manufacturing raw materials is expensive, time consuming and uses up natural resources which can be saved for future use.


  • Protects the environment – Recycling reduces landfill spaces. Landfills are dangerous to the environment as hazardous compounds seep deeper in the soil and release toxins. Recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air and water.



Recycling provides various other benefits in addition to the ones mentioned above. Recycling hazardous waste in Cambridge has created many jobs and promoted a go green policy in the city.

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