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Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled?

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Do you often ask yourself can shredded paper be recycled? Well, like all paper products, the documents you shred on a daily and weekly basis can be effectively turned into new paper and reenter the production cycle. However, the process of recycling this form of paper is easier said than done. Because it is paper, most people assume recycling is a straightforward process, but there are difficulties. For one thing, the shreds can get trapped in the recycling machines and cause a fire hazard. 

Why is it difficult to recycle?

While shredded paper can be effectively recycled in theory, there are some difficulties and obstacles that get in the way. When putting paper in your recycling bin that contains personal information, you need to be certain it is kept safe and secure before the shredding process as there are very strict guidelines in place to stop the wrong people seeing the various types of data you might have.

If you are using a council uplift service, you may be required to put shredded paper in a paper bag; otherwise, they won’t accept it. Other issues include the shreds themselves. It can be difficult to recycle the small slips of paper into a quality product; additionally, if not adequately transported, the shreds can spill and make a mess.

How can you make it easier? 

If you want to assist the recycling process, you can start by being careful about what you shred. If it’s a bank statement, a credit card bill, or any other sensitive business document, then shredding it is the ideal thing. But you don’t have to shred every bit of paper, and the less shredding you do, the more efficient the recycling process is. If a document only has an address on it, for instance, this can be quickly inked out and that paper put in the standard recycling waste.  

Why you should recycle! 

Businesses and individuals globally now recognise the importance and significance of recycling a variety of waste including paper, plastic bags and making a compost pile. Paper is easy to recycle, and nearly 70% of it is successfully reused every year in the UK. The big winner in the recycling of paper is the environment. Recycling paper helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the production process and allowing more trees to filter carbon. Furthermore, recycling paper reduces energy usage and saves more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space every year.

How is it recycled?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the shredded paper after it is uplifted or placed in the blue bin? It’s amazing how this seemingly useless waste product can be transformed into new paper at a recycling centre that is indistinguishable from the item you shredded. At the recycling facility, the shredded paper is initially bailed. It is then separated into type and turned into pulp. The pulp is then screened to filter out any impurities, which removes any ink on the paper, and finally, it is mixed with fresh pulp to produce new paper. Recycled paper is indistinguishable from new paper these days.  

How can Collect and Recycle help? 

Collect and Recycle are a nationwide waste collection organisation that helps businesses safely and securely recycle their shredded paper waste. We have facilities across the country that can uplift your shredded paper regularly and transport it for processing. Regardless of your company’s size or requirements, Collect and Recycle has the infrastructure and capacity to accept shredded paper of all different quantities. Contact Collect and Recycle today for a quote that is fast and competitive.

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