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Can You Put Books In Recycling Bins?

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Placing Books In The Recycling Bin

Unlike your general paper recycling that can be placed into your recycling bin, it gets a bit more confusing when it comes to unwanted books. If it is paperback, then this can be put in your usual recycling bin and collected by the local authority. However when it comes to hardback, this is not generally accepted due to the binding on the spines. Because of this issue, you should find recycling centres that you know accepts these products. 

Alternatively, if the books are in good condition you could give them away to the local library, charity shops, or other establishments to be used in waiting rooms.

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I Am A Business Creating Bulk Loads Of Book Waste, How Should I Dispose Of Them?

Recycling books is a must for people producing large amounts of book waste. This helps us to save raw materials in production, and repurpose products into new items to put back on the market. At Collect & Recycle, we offer a service for businesses across the UK to collect and recycle their bulk load of books. This makes it easy for you to dispose of your books whilst acting sustainably.

Our team can collect the palleted books at a time that suits you, and have them removed from the premises in no time. We will then transport the waste to lisensed recycling facilities where all of the materials will enter the recycling process. Full waste audit and documents will be provided to you.

Unfortunately, we not provide this service for domestic and household recycling. 

Why Should I Recycle My Books?

Recycling paper and book waste is incredibly important. We can work together to conserve energy, resources, and reduce the impact of pollution. All of this exellerates the rate of global warming, and when it comes to businesses creating bulk loads this can have a huge impact.

Paper biodegrading in landfill creates methane which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. And, this is exactly where your books will end up if disposed of incorrectly. Check this, recycling 17 tonnes of paper in the UK and avoiding landfill will save 5 tonnes of carbon emissions per year! That’s the equivalent to 500,000 party balloons filled with CO2.

Book Your Book Recycling Collection With Us

Are you a business looking to dispose of book waste? If so, get in touch with our specialist team today. Our book recycling service is quick and efficient, with our friendly team on hand to remove materials and answer any queries you have. We also collect and recycle cardboard, hazardous items, WEEE, confidential and chemical waste: Let us know on contact if you need help with any of these waster materials in addition.

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