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Can You Recycle Shredded Paper?

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Whether you are a private household or a company, shredding your paper is the first step to ensuring your data is secure and protected. Most people think that shredding the paper is the end of the process, and they dispose of it in the general waste, but this is inefficient, and it can lead to unnecessary risks. It’s better to enlist the help of a professional service who will regularly transport and recycle any shredded waste you think might be sensitive. Shredded paper can be effectively recycled, which is beneficial to the environment.   

Household Recycling 

Shredding your household paper is the right thing to do, especially when dealing with bills and credit card statements. It’s easy at first, enjoyable even, as the machine grabs the paper. Eventually, though, it begins to pile up, and you have to think about how to dispose of it. 

At first, you might consider simply putting it in the household waste rubbish bin, but there are many disadvantages to that. Firstly the council might not be as careful with it as you would like, and some sheds may be lost. Apart from a potential data breach, it could also mean that the paper is not adequately recycled. 

Business Recycling 

Businesses, even small ones, are likely to produce a far higher amount of shredded waste paper than households, and given the necessity of data protection, it makes sense to ensure that it is appropriately recycled at a recycling facility. Partnering with an organisation that specialises in shredded paper recycling is one way to ensure that it is safely delivered.

Once at the facility, the shredded paper from your weekly business operations will be segmented into related materials and processed. During the recycling process, the ink for the pages is dissolved, and a fresh pulp is created that is eventually turned into new paper. If you buy recycled paper for your business, this is how it’s made.  

Process and Products

Have you ever wondered can you recycle shredded paper and what happens to the shredded paper after it is uplifted or placed in the blue bin? It’s amazing how this seemingly useless waste product can be transformed into new paper that is indistinguishable from the item you shredded. 

At the recycling facility, the shredded paper is initially bailed. It is then separated into type and turned into pulp. The pulp is then screened to filter out any impurities, which removes any ink on the paper, and finally it is mixed with fresh pulp to produce new paper. Recycled paper is indistinguishable from new paper these days.  

Collect and Recycle 

Collect and Recycle are a nationwide waste collection organisation that helps businesses safely and securely recycle their shredded paper waste. We have recycling centres across the country that can quickly and efficiently uplift your shredded paper regularly so that you know exactly where your waste is going and how it is being processed. Regardless of your company’s size or requirements, Collect and Recycle has the infrastructure and capacity to accept shredded paper of all different quantities. Contact Collect and Recycle today for a quote that is fast and competitive.

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