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Can You Take Paint To The Tip?

Can You Take Paint To The Tip?

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Can You Take Paint To The Tip?

Can You Dispose Of Paint At The Tip?

You can take paint tins to the tip as long as there is no leftover paint in the container. Many local tips will not accept liquid paint, meaning you must empty the paint before disposing of this waste. However, some household waste recycling centres (HWRC) will accept a small volume, yet it is important to check with your local authorities waste facility first. 

If there is a small amount of paint left that has hardened, this is usually preferred. To solidify paint, use a paint hardener or add sawdust to the tin. This should then be left with the lid off until the paint has become solid.

Why Do Tips Not Usually Accept Liquid Paint?

Tips do not usually accept paint as this is classed as hazardous waste and can contaminate other materials. 

Liquid such as water based paint may contain heavy metals such as mercury, with paint thinner containing acetone and various chemicals. These hazardous substances should be treated with care, and at designated disposal and recycling centres.

When disposed of, paint has the potential to harm the environment and public health. Landfills are not typically equipped to handle or treat such hazardous materials. These sites are designed to manage solid waste, and paint can seep through landfills and create leachate—a liquid that can carry harmful chemicals from the waste into the surrounding soil and groundwater. 

Importantly, many liquid paints are also flammable. Storing large amounts of flammable liquids can increase the risk of fires.

How Can You Recycle Paint?

To dispose of paint in an eco-friendly manner, the best solution is to recycle or reuse materials. As this cannot be placed in your general waste bin, you should find a designated recycling centre. Research from Dulux found that In the UK each year, 55 million litres of paint and 90 million containers are wasted.

If you are a business disposing of large volumes of paint, Collect and Recycle can provide a collection service. We can remove the waste quickly, whilst ensuring both tins and liquids are recycled safely.

Please note, we do not provide waste disposal services for household waste.

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