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Chemical Manufacturing Business Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Business Case Study

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Chemical Manufacturing Business Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Case Study

We recently received an enquiry from a new company manufacturing chemicals based in Oxfordshire. The disposal service included a range of chemical waste such as alkaline, KOH, copper and nickel. As this waste is classified as hazardous, it must be disposed of professionally to minimise harm to human health and the environment.

How Did We Help?

Our team responded swiftly to the company’s needs by coordinating a thorough collection and removal service. Employing drivers trained in handling and transporting dangerous goods (ADR trained), we ensured the chemical waste was managed securely from the point of collection to disposal. 

Our approach minimises the risk of exposure and accident, providing the client with peace of mind regarding the safe handling of their hazardous materials.

To further assure compliance with environmental regulations, we issued a hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN). This document detailed the types of chemicals collected and the transfer, ensuring all parties involved had clear records of the transaction.

The Cost and Environmental Benefits

The disposal of specific chemicals, such as alkaline solutions, potassium hydroxide, copper, and nickel, presented unique challenges due to their hazardous properties. 

Proper disposal not only mitigated the potential release of toxic substances into the environment but also avoided long-term contamination issues. Efficient waste management and adherence to regulatory standards also prevented potential fines and facilitated a safer workplace. 

This case study exemplifies our expertise in managing complex chemical waste challenges and our dedication to enhancing safety, compliance, and environmental stewardship.

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