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Chemical Waste Disposal London

Safe and sustainable chemical waste disposal in your business is crucial, as this waste is a form of hazardous waste. Managing your chemical waste correctly helps protect not only your staff, but your clients and the wider environment too.

Collect and Recycle are here to provide your business with an efficient and safe hazardous waste collection and disposal service. We deal with a wide range of chemical hazardous materials across the UK, from fluorescent tubes to clinical waste.

Collect and Recycle’s waste management services are flexible to you. Whether you need scheduled weekly collections, or on an ad hoc basis, our ADR drivers can help you.

Sustainability of Chemical Waste Disposal in London

Regulation of chemical waste in the city of London is critical. London is the highest populated city in the UK. Ensuring hazardous waste is stored securely, and disposed of safely, is crucial in protecting human health and the environment.

Throughout London and Greater London, hazardous waste is being repeatedly fly tipped, poured down drains, placed in regular waste disposal, and released into the atmosphere. This is highly damaging to the environment, putting animal and human lives at risk through pollution and contamination.

This is why it is vital to use a professional, specialist chemical disposal team such as Collect & Recycle. We have experience in disposing of this waste safely, whilst recycling all materials where possible. Our team works with businesses across London, offering quick yet attentive collections for our clients.


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Our Chemical Disposal Service In London

Collect and Recycle offers a simple and effective solution to improve environmental sustainability regarding chemical waste. We offer efficient and reliable collections and treatment for your chemical waste across London, and the UK.

For businesses that produce excess chemical waste, we also offer hazardous waste bins. These bins are labelled, secure, and waterproof, to eliminate the probability of external contamination. 

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Please get in touch via online enquiry or by using our online chat. We can then provide you with a quote for your chemical waste in London. Once accepted, our team can organise your collection and remove the waste from your premises. 

We also collect other waste streams such as cardboard, paper, and electronic waste. Please let our team know if you generate any other waste streams that you need help recycling.