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Commercial Food Waste Collection UK

We provide business food waste collection and recycling services nationwide. Get in touch to book a collection for your bulk food waste today. 


Food Waste Recycling and Disposal

We provide bulk food waste collections for businesses across the UK. If you generate pallet loads of redundant food stock, cooking oil, liquids, or animal feed, we are here to help. The waste collected is transported to our network of AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plants, allowing food businesses to dispose of their waste safely.

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Commercial Food Waste Regulations

The food waste regulations were set out to ensure food is disposed of with minimal impact on the environment. This includes a few key rules for businesses handling food waste:

  • All food waste must be separated to other waste materials for collections.
  • Food cannot be sent to landfill or incineration: You must recycle food. The two methods that can be used are composting and anaerobic digestion.

At Collect and Recycle, we ensure businesses are dealing with their waste in accordance with the government’s regulations. The types of businesses we collect food waste from include manufacturers, farmers, hospitality and food providers, and retailers.

With our services catering to food waste, your business can save money, minimise environmental impact and create an efficient approach to managing waste.

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What Type Of Commercial Food Waste Do We Collect?

Redundant Food Stock

Industrial food and beverage by-products

Surplus Ingredients

Cooking Oil

Unsold Food Waste

Agricultural Waste

Waste Management For Food Waste

Our service is specifically tailored for businesses looking to responsibly manage their surplus food products. We are dedicated to providing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the disposal of bulk food waste.

Our food disposal service is designed to help your business reduce its footprint by diverting waste from landfills and transforming it into valuable resources. By choosing our service, you not only comply with environmental regulations but also contribute to a greener planet.

How Our Service Works


We start by assessing your business's specific food waste production to tailor our services effectively.


We can provide you with the necessary bins and equipment for segregating and storing food waste.

Regular Collections

Our reliable collection schedules ensure that food waste is removed from your premises at your convenience.


The collected food waste is processed using eco-friendly methods such as anaerobic digestion, which turns your waste into energy and compost.

Book A Commercial Food Waste Disposal Collection

Ready to manage your business’s food waste responsibly? Reach out through our website form, and set up a collection schedule that fits your business operations. Our team will manage the rest, from collection to proper disposal and recycling. We also collect a range of other waste including chemicals, hazardous items and cardboard packaging. 


Frequently Asked Questions For The Disposal Of Food Waste

What Is Anaerobic Digestion Of Food Waste?

Anaerobic digestion is a process by which microorganisms break down food waste in the absence of oxygen, producing biogas and digestate. The biogas can be used to generate electricity and heat, while the digestate is a nutrient-rich substance that can be used as a fertiliser. This process not only helps in managing waste but also in creating renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What Happens To Food Waste?

Once collected, food waste undergoes several processes depending on the most suitable method for the type of waste:

  • Anaerobic Digestion: Organic waste is converted into energy and compost in an oxygen-free environment.
  • Composting: Food waste can also be composted to produce a soil conditioner, enriching soil quality without chemical fertilisers.
  • Recycling into Animal Feed: Some processed food waste is suitable for conversion into animal feed.

Through these methods, your business’s food waste is transformed into valuable resources, reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainability initiatives.